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Mliswa announces presidential ambitions,

by Staff reporter
31 Jul 2023 at 07:03hrs | Views
NORTON legislator Temba Mliswa over the weekend announced that he will retire from being a parliamentarian as he eyes the highest post on the land.

Addressing his supporters at Lidiety shopping centre in his constituency during the commissioning of some of the 30 boreholes he drilled and the distribution of hampers to the underprivileged in Ward 14, Mliswa, popularly known as "Bhuru" said he respected President Emmerson Mnangagwa's rule and would want to see him complete his two-terms in the office until 2028.

"If the Lord has not spoken to you about my future as a Parly winner this year, it means you are not prayerful.

"In a dream, the Lord advised me that l would be in Hurungwe West as an MP, then proceed to Norton before l become the President of Zimbabwe because l articulate people's challenges," Mliswa said amid applause from his supporters.

Even Zanu-PF supporters came in their numbers castigating other candidates for not matching Mliswa's standards.

Mliswa said everyone had a goal in life and his is to become the country's president.

"A teacher aims to be a headmaster, a soldier wishes to become a commander and even a girlfriend has ambitions to become a housewife in future.

"So 2028, we will meet at the number one post. The elderly will visit state house barefooted. You will enjoy to see a leader who sometimes moves around without bodyguards. We want a president who goes into communities interacting with the people," added Mliswa.

The Norton MP and 2023 independent parliamentary seat candidate also lamented that becoming a Parly representative was now just an honour to complete his two terms in office but in 2028, he would be vying for the highest designate.

"In 2028, l will be on the ballot."

The MP also dismissed fears that engulf many people who think vying for a presidential job was a dangerous game in the Zimbabwe, mentioning former cabinet minister and presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere for campaigning while in exile.

"I spoke to my uncle Kasukuwere challenging him over campaigning in exile.

"How can you lead or be elected whilst in South Africa? You cannot let your face arrest whilst you are in hiding. As for me, l am not afraid of anyone. If l am nabbed by police, my supporters will bring me food in cells," Mliswa told hundreds at the venue.

Kasukuwere lost the presidential bid to contest for the job after the courts ruled that he had been out of Zimbabwe for 18 months hence, he seized to be a registered voter.

The supreme court threw away his appeal after the high court's ruling and he has now taken his bid to the Constitutional Court.

Mliswa also took a swipe at the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa saying he was losing the grip by failing to put real structures in his movement.

"Ndakuonawo uyuwo futi Nero anenge akurasika, ndosaka ndakazotsamwa ndikati regai nditore chinhu chacho. Nero ave kukanganisa nekuti ahana ma structures. Ini ndakutopinda, kupinda chaiko. Mese ndichakunamatirai kuti munge muripo 2028."

Among other projects in Norton, Mliswa's Water and Sanitation program has seen more than 30 boreholes being drilled in both his urban and rural communities with toilets unveiled for various areas in need.

The latest areas to benefit included Mutubva Secondary, Mutubva Compound and Skea Farm.

The school has an allocation of 10 toilets and a borehole which was commissioned on Saturday.

Mutubva Compound also received a new borehole while toilet construction is already underway.

The people in this so-called Zanu-PF stronghold compound have been using open areas as ablution facilities while water has also been a huge challenge and expensive for them.

In some parts they were sharing these water points with animals.

Areas covered on Saturday included Railway 28, ZIPAM, Chitenderano, Skea Farm, Lydiate and Clifford.

Over 200 vulnerable community members also received food hampers in all the 6 areas over the weekend.

Source - NewZimbabwe