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Woman creates fake account to spite ex-lover

by Staff reporter
04 Aug 2023 at 06:50hrs | Views
RELATIONSHIPS involve vulnerability, so if there's a betrayal of trust, sensitive information is sometimes used as retaliation.

This was aptly at play when a man from Vokola area in Insiza South, Matabeleland South Province was left living in perpetual fear after his ex-girlfriend created a fake Facebook account posing as him before posting pictures of him and a string of women, some of them married as revenge for breaking up with her.

Tawanda Mhlanga (28) said in a fit of anger his South Africa-based ex-lover Nozipho Sibanda created the fake account assassinating his character by posting obscene content while also labelling him a "womaniser".

Mhlanga said he was now receiving threatening calls and death messages from husbands of those women that had been posted on the fake account claiming he was in love with them.

"My ex-girlfriend, who is just bitter for not being able to move on after our breakup created a fake Facebook account with my name and contact details.

"She is posting my pictures with a string of women, some of them married as a way of getting back at me for breaking up with her. The posts are now ruining my reputation and putting my life at risk," said a distressed Mhlanga.

He said the relationship that is now haunting him started in March last year and ended in June of the same year.

Mhlanga said he had on several occasions tried to engage Sibanda so that she could stop her evil mission but without success.

"I have tried to engage with her but without success. She is posting pictures and sensitive information of married women, some of them that I do not even know while alleging that I am in a relationship with them.

"I am now getting calls from their husbands. They are threatening me with death thinking it's me who is after breaking their marriages," said Mhlanga.

One of the women that had been posted on the fake Facebook account and whose marriage was nearly severed was Mhlanga's ex-lover who has since married.

"That woman moved on with her life and is now married to someone else. Her husband threatened me over the phone, claiming that if I continued posting pictures of his wife he would kill me as it was an indication that I was still in love with her".

Another woman whose picture was also posted on the fake Facebook account with a caption that alleges that she was madly in love with Mhlanga, Ntombiyethu Sibanda (24) expressed her anger saying it caused trouble in her marriage as her husband was now suspecting she was in love with Mhlanga.

"I don't even know those people and we even tried to get in touch with the person behind the Facebook account so that we can solve the matter but to no avail," she said.

Contacted for comment, Sibanda could neither confirm nor deny the allegations levelled against her.

"I no longer want anything to do with him since we broke up some time ago. I have also moved on," she tersely said.

When prodded to comment further Sibanda who would not entertain further questions quickly hung up her phone.

Source - B-Metro