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I will fight crime, decongest Bulawayo: Mujeyi

by Gideon Madzikatidze/Simbarashe Sithole in Bulawayo
25 Jan 2024 at 08:47hrs | Views
The Zanu-PF national assembly member for Cowdry Park, Aurther Mujeyi has warmed up to tirelessly fight high crime rate and industrialise his constituency in an effort to decongest city of Bulawayo by creating incentives to low mobility, commuting and creation of convenient opportunities amongst youths and economically active demographic groups.

Speaking in Cowdry Park over the weekend during the Constituency Thanksgiving and electoral win celebrations, Mujeyi promised that he will work with all stakeholders and national institutions to combat criminal activities which have become order of the day in Cowdry Park, industrialise his constituency, create employment and establish a fully-equiped skills development centre.

"As you are aware of the crime statistics which were released last time, signaling that Cowdry Park has the highest rate of crimes  in Bulawayo, it is my duty to engage with all stakeholders and critical institutions responsible for combating crimes," Mujeyi said.

"We will unite in our efforts to arrest drug and substance abuse scourge which has spiked in our communities whilst making sure that rehabilitation of some victims remains part of the priorities," Mujeyi added.

"As an alternative way to decongest the City of Bulawayo, we will be establishing industries and skills development centres as the major template in absorbing some demographic groups within the constituency through creating lucrative incentives for better living standards and best working or investment opportunities compared to those in the city centre," Mujeyi claimed.

Honourable Mujeyi also shared his desire in accommodating and empowering indigenous churches through pushing legislative framework which ensure access to land ownership and control.

"In an effort to make sure that indigenous churches are fully empowered, we need to push for a legal framework which empower indigenous churches to own land or church stands. That is the only means in ending open air worship and ensure property ownership and control amongst indigenous churches," Mujeyi said.

"We work around the clock in efforts to empower indigenous churches and make sure they conform to the city's by-laws. There should be land set aside for churches so that they develop it and with flexible terms of payment through long-term payment plan mutually agreed by both parties (council and churches)," Mujeyi said.

Meanwhile, Council for Churches in Africa's Founder President, Arch-bishop Professor Rocky Moyo has appealed for all responsible authorities and institutions to fully recognise and empower indigenous churches through availing land for development and end opening air worship.

"We appeal to the government, especially local authorities to avail more land for indigenous churches as the lasting solution in ending open air worship and realisation of freedom of worship or sustainable development of church communities," Moyo said.

"City fathers should also harmonise the payment terms for the land availed to churches. The bulky of indigenous churches are renting premises for worshipping purposes which remains an unfulfilled dreams of land ownership and control," Moyo added.

"We need city authorities to be sencere with our affiliate membership while crafting flexible long-term payment plans. It's only stereotypical to label us as non-compliance when there is no land available for indigenous churches,"

"The existing by-laws by city fathers also scare away prospective partners, investors and churches as they charge them exorbitant charges which are even beyond their reach," Moyo claimed.

The Council for Churches in Africa has been regularly challenged city fathers to avail land for indigenous churches at flexible and affordable terms and conditions so that there are no strained relations.

Moyo requested that the city fathers should avail alternative land earmarked for indigenous churches first before declaring war against open air worship amongst some worshippers countrywide, claiming the exercise would violate or infringe their rights and freedoms as enshrined in the country's national constitution.

Source - Byo24News