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Obert Mpofu hits out at incompetent leaders, corrupt police officers

by Staff reporter
10 Mar 2024 at 07:12hrs | Views
ZANU-PF secretary-general Dr Obert Mpofu came out guns blazing against unscrupulous law enforcement officers in Nyamandlovu, Matebeleland North Province yesterday, as he addressed concerns by villagers that they were allegedly working together with notorious cattle rustlers that have been plundering herds in the area recently.

Dr Mpofu was speaking during a meeting in Nyamandlovu organised by war veterans. Addressing the meeting, which was attended by senior Zanu-PF officials in the province, war veterans and villagers, Dr Mpofu said he was dismayed at the fact that rustlers in Nyamandlovu seemed to be getting a free ride because they were allegedly working with some corrupt police officers.

He said he had raised the issue with the Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga.

"What is happening in Nyamandlovu right now is a disgrace. Cattle rustlers are now doing as they please. These thieves are well known and if you retrace their footsteps, you will see that they lead to our police station. I have spoken to Commissioner-General Matanga about this issue. I told him Nyamandlovu is now infested with cattle thieves and it would be wise if officers that have stayed here for a long time are moved elsewhere. That's an issue that is yet to be addressed," he said.

Dr Mpofu said instead of getting better, the issue seemed to be worsening as more villagers lost their livestock.

"Right now, the theft of livestock is getting worse. I was talking to one villager, Nyathi, and he told me that he had just lost four beasts. Near my own place in Ward 4, we lost five cattle. That is unacceptable given the fact that there are law enforcement officers in this area," he said.

Dr Mpofu also hit out at the political leadership in the area, saying the party's leadership ranks have now been infiltrated by former opposition party officials.

"Opposition members are now councillors, when in the past we used to lead here. These opposition councillors that won positions here were put by people from within our own party. These people are now selling land here and if you look at them properly, these are thieves that used to be in the MDC. This is why the President has said we should put an end to all of this and that is why I am here today. People who bought land are not criminals and they should not be the ones arrested. Those that are selling it to them are the ones that should be apprehended by the police," he said.

Dr Mpofu hit out at ruling party officials from the province who had been in a celebratory mood since last year's harmonised elections, as he said the party's performance in Matebeleland North fell beneath its lofty standards from the past. He also castigated leaders who he said had low regard for the country's war veterans.

"In Umguza there are elected officials who are going around insulting war veterans. That is a state of affairs that the President will not allow. Umguza is known as a peaceful place that is full of peaceful people but we are now losing that because of the confusion brought about by incompetent leaders and thieves," he said.

In an interview on the sidelines of the meeting, Dr Mpofu said President Mnangagwa had already initiated food relief measures countrywide, given the current dry spell.

"Our President is a President of the people and he is also a listening President. The current dry spell is something that concerns him greatly and he told me to tell the people of Matebeleland North that he will not allow them to starve. There are many plans that have been put in place to help people and ensure that they are well fed during this drought. There is as much as $44 billion that has been set aside to buy food for the people and that food is already being delivered as we speak. Our message now is that this food should be distributed to everyone fairly and with that in mind, we advise those that are trying to get up to mischief using food relief to behave themselves because we are watching," he said.

Source - The Sunday News