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Notorious goblin exorcised

by Senzeni Ncube
07 Oct 2015 at 21:23hrs | Views
THERE was a spectacle in Bulawayo's Cowdray Park suburb when a team of tsikamtandas exorcised a notorious "goblin" - Ernest - that was terrorising residents by stoning their homes and sleeping with women in the area.

One could expect a sombre mood during the exorcism ritual but Cowdrypark residents could not hide their joy to see a hunt and killing of the notorious goblin by four tsikamtandas.

Hundreds of spellbound residents thronged the home of a woman who is allegedly housing the goblin to witness the ritual.

During the exorcising ceremony, the leader of the team, who identified himself as Mafirakureva said the owner of the "goblin" failed to pay the dues of a certain traditional healer who was getting back at her by sending the creature to terrorise her.

"You went to seek for prosperity help with your husband but failed to pay the dues of the person who had helped you, he got angry and wanted to punish you two severely, he wanted you to die a painful death", said Mafirakureva.

He said due to hardship of the economy, people now resort to other forms of enriching themselves.

After minutes of exorcism, the team emerged from the house with a scary creature similar to a rat, with a horn and feathers.

Residents could not stop commenting on their different experiences with "Ernest."

"I woke up at night one day and found my wife acting like she was enjoying sexual activities with someone. I can not wait for this thing to be removed today", commented a resident Thulani Dube.

Another woman, MaNyoni said she heard Ernest clapping his hands as she was bathing.

"I was terrified when I heard I heard Ernest clapping his hands saying I must hurry up and finish bathing as he could not wait any longer."

Some woman victims said when they were being raped by the goblin, there were in some kind of dream.

"I could dream about sleeping with a white man and when I wake up in the morning it would be as if I was involved with a man," said another resident.

Residents were singing in joy as the team approached the house to where the goblin was believed to be hiding.

The creature was later burnt after being paraded to residents.

Some Cowdray Park residents also claimed that the goblin has been throwing stones at houses and breaking windows. Some also claim to have been attacked while walking during the night.

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Source - Radio Dialogue