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PDZ field seemingly too old candidate for Nkulumane by elections

by Stephen Jakes
06 Nov 2015 at 06:17hrs | Views
Ngwalo Nyathi
The Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe party led by the United Kingdom based Barbara Nyagomo has fielded a seemingly old Ngwalo Nyathi as its candidate for Bulawayo's Nkulumane by elections which is scheduled to take part on December 19 this year.

The development comes at a time when the same party claims it it wise for the people of Zimbabwe to elect young blood to positions of authority in government yet it fields someone looking very old.

In its Facebook campaign the party wrote, "We appeal to all the people of Nkulumane to vote for Mr Ngwalo Nyathi in the 19 December by-election under the Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe and mother shadow president Barbara Nyagomo. We are coming to work with the people of Nkulumane and Zimbabwe to find solutions to their problems together as a United people"

The party said  Nyathi is a tried and tested man of the people who has his constituency people at heart and is not willing to see them being ZANU-nised.

"He sat, thought and declared that the Nkulumane seat should not and should never be taken by ZANU PF. Let's keep what is ours to ourselves. Let's not make unnecessary history of donating this seat to ZANU PF," said the party.

"It's our wish that even when things are hard, we should stand together as a united people of Nkulumane and continue to govern ourselves. Say no to the unnecessary donation of our constituencies back to Zanu PF. They lost it long time ago and should never get it again. Over our dead bodies please. No more turning back. Asijiki!!!!!!."

Source - Byo24News