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New spot in town

by Bongani Ndlovu
13 Aug 2016 at 08:01hrs | Views
IF you want a club experience mixed with VIP status then Club 263 is the place to be in Bulawayo. The joint which opened its doors on Thursday night amid pomp and fanfare joins Copa Cubana, BAC and Private Lounge as new spots in the city. Its opening is only good for patrons now have a wide range of choices to have fun at during the upcoming summer season.

Hundreds of patrons thronged Club 263 which had a dazzlingly spectacular fireworks display outside its premises that lit up Bulawayo's night sky. The crowd was a mixture of youthful exuberance and the mature.

Piercing the night sky were colourful fireworks that would shoot up with some swirling before they burst loudly followed by a fiery splatter in the sky. As this happened, some in the crowd screamed and cheered.

Inside the club it was Ladies Night hosted by Queen and Obama where cellphones, high heel shoes, makeup, perfume and lingerie were being given away in competitions. Some of the games would compare shoes to see which was the most expensive and beautiful.

A bunch of ladies left in a huff claiming that their friend's high heel shoes were more beautiful and expensive than those that had won the competition!

Yesterday it was the DJs Marathon with a clash between Bulawayo, Mutare, Botswana and Harare wheel spinners battling it out. Those representing Bulawayo were DJs Nospa, Slimza, Kead Wikead, Liz, Slamma, and Crazy Black, from Botswana VJ Dreazy, from Mutare Styles and for Harare were Oskid, Fujee, Garry B alongside the nightspot's resident DJs Mellow T and Emity Smooth.

The club is divided into three with a spacious dance floor for those who want to dance themselves to a standstill. There are three bars that keep people well fuelled with alcoholic beverages that keep them on their feet on the dance floor with the cheapest being $1,50 and the most expensive being $50 for selected whiskeys.

There is a kitchen that serves food to patrons with an array of dishes such as pork chops and marinated chicken to keep them well fed during the night. The VIP area is for those who want to be away from the club section and sit on comfortable sofas while sipping their expensive whiskeys.

The downside however of the VIP side is that there is a speaker blurting out the same tunes from the dance floor. What could help the club management is to have different music being played controlled by a CD player and at a mellow tone just for ambiance.

Co-ordinator of Club 263 Tatenda Gwatidzo said the launch gave him confidence. "It was an interesting and encouraging launch. From now we're going to be launching an entertainment calendar that'll see us inviting DJs from all corners of Zimbabwe. Every Thursday will be ladies night," said Gwatidzo.

During the week Club 263 was giving away expensive whiskeys and T-shirts to lucky winners who would have liked their Facebook page. Last week the pre-launch party of the club was held at Hartsfield Tshisa nyama and had a bumper crowd that was served with free drinks and braai by management.

Source - Chronicle