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Secession is Totally Irrelevant- Analyst

by Stephen Jakes
10 Dec 2016 at 05:04hrs | Views
A political commentator Petros Joseph Dube‎ has said Secession which is being pushed for by groups from Matabeleland  is totally Irrelevant.

Dube in a Facebook post said in as much as he condemn marginalisation, tribalism and inequality he does not think reclaiming or restoring any historical Kingdoms will have a positive impact on the economic and social problems faced by the people.

"Pushing for the restoration of historical Kingdoms like Mthwakazi, Bukalanga and Mutapas will cause more chaos if not civil wars. We are living in a totally different and democratic society which is a totally different from the society our ancestors lived in," Dube said.

"Let us focus on realistic issues not on irrelevant and unattainable Fallacies."

The groups such as Mthwakazi Liberation Front, Mthwakazi  Republic Party and many others are currently pushing for the restoration of Mthwakazi separate state.

Source - Byo24News