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Youths unemployment a time bomb- Mohadi

by Stephen Jakes
11 Dec 2016 at 18:35hrs | Views
Beitbridge senator Tambudzani Mohadi has told the senate that the escalating unemployment of youth in the country is a time bomb which needs to be resolved as a matter of urgency.

She said the youth issue is a time bomb if they remain unemployed.

"At the moment they do not have employment and yet they need food on the table. So, we have to provide food on the table for these youth. How can we provide the food? We should all put our heads together as a country and find a way out," Mohadi said.

"These youth need basic education and we should look at the issue of going to school. When I am talking about the youth, I am talking about boys and girls who should be provided with education. Our youth especially in the rural areas attend school from Grade 1 to Grade 7 and thereafter, what is next? We do not have any solution for that. If at all funds were permitting, to me secondary education should be compulsory because this is the time whereby our youth drop out from school and some of them end up going to look for work in the communal farms and mines which are not viable at all."

She said if at all their education was compulsory up to ‘O' level, maybe even their minds would be mature enough to think further of what to do because at Grade 7, they are still very young and they do not think of anything other than getting employed somewhere.

"As a country, we should think along those lines," she said.

Source - Byo24News