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Smith was far better than Mugabe

by Stephen Jakes
21 Jan 2017 at 19:43hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party has said former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Douglas Smith was far much better that President Robert Mugabe.

The United Kingdom based party official Hikwa has said it's interesting that even with intentions to restrict, limit and degrade blacks, the white man
understood that he had to still bring infrastructural, educational and medical support to his victim as the victim was the foundation of the economy.

"So they achieved an efficient service delivery and next to no crime. Look what the Zanu PF rule have done. In fear of their victims they destroyed
education, hospitals, roads and didn't see that it would affect them too! Now it's hard to judge whether we suffer from apartheid nostalgia or if
genuinely we were better off under an intentional oppressor," he said.

"The deaths (during Mugabe and Zanu PF Rule) from genocide, lack of access to basic medical facilities and services have been FAR MORE than some wars in the world. The effects will be felt for generations to come. LIMITED education takes at least 3 generations to get over but ZERO education will be far worse! Basibulele shem oswine laba, kodwa labo bazijikele Egodini lathi! The apartheid we suffered from euro-centric white supremacist people we dislodged in the 70s was bad and painful,degrading and unforgivable."

He said However as Churchil .Guduza (MLF) once rightfully articulated in one of his series of articles the painful thing of things is the decolonization war was hijacked by diseased minds who were bent on avenging for their fore parents and basing their justification for Matebele genocide on hearsays and ferry stories.

"It is most painful the suffering the Mthwakazi nation has sustained under black rule. The Grand Plan mechanisation which has Gukurahundhi,looting of resources,neglect of infrastructure, degrading of healthcare and education continued human torture and harassment is a real THORN IN OUR FLESH. Thus why those who are targeting Grand Plan Evils have more traction and gaining more momentum,' he said.

"I had protracted conversation with two highly placed ex Zipra guys who are based at home was impressed that they both see the need to emancipate Mthwakazi from these Resources looters and grand plan practitioners. They both spoke highly on MRP efforts on the ground.I was happy that MRP has the support of War Vets. Aluta Continua."

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