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Barbara Nyagomo promises to rule for only one term if elected

by Stephen Jakes
01 Jul 2017 at 09:51hrs | Views
Progressive democrats Zimbabwe leader Barbara Nyagomo has said she will serve only one term if she gains victory in the elections.

"I will only serve one term of office and make it clear throughout my presidency that this is my ambition. I am firmly committed to this. One of the reason why we have so much corruption in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole is that the focus of politicians tends to be acquiring and holding onto power at any cost," she said.

"Because of the very high levels of poverty-driven dependency, this is taken advantage of by the politicians who use their privileged positions to enrich themselves and use the money to feed this poverty-induced dependency in their people. I do not want to continue to perpetuate this approach and the only way I can see to successfully avoid this is to make the commitment to only serve one term. By doing so, I will be free to make the hard but right decisions that can bring real and meaningful change without fear that I will not be elected if the changes are not initially popular."

She said serving only one term will free her from the sycophants that will urge she to do the wrong things for the sake of holding onto power.

"It will also require me to work flat out to build a good succession plan. Succession seems to be a dirty word in Zimbabwe but we need to always be thinking of working ourselves out of a job and building others up to take over from us and creating an environment where they will not only build upon what we have achieved but will go in to do even greater things than us.Zanu-PF and its minions do not have the moral position to lead Zimbabwe forward.Lets therefore lean on PDZ in 2018 and usher in a President whose focus is on people rather than the levers of power and its privilege," she said and indication that she will be contesting as the PDZ candidate in the 2018 election despite opposition partis mooting coalition to challenge Zanu PF.

Source - Byo24News