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MDC-T, Ibhetshu likaZulu condemn police disturbance on King Mzilikazi II coronation

by Stephen Jakes
14 Sep 2017 at 06:05hrs | Views
MDC-T Bulawayo spokesperson Felix Mafa Sibanda and Ibetshu likaZulu secretary general Mbuso Fuzwayo condemned the disruption of the self imposed Ndebele King Stanley Khumalo's coronation on Tuesday by the police saying the move was a violation of cultural and traditional rights of a people.

Police on Tuesday disrupted the coronation of the King amid revelations the coronation had later to happen at a private function in the city of Bulawayo after the disruption.

"Is this not violation of freedom of Association and tradition and culture of people as it were?" said Sibanda.

"As the party that resonate with all the people of Zimbabwe, are against all forms of violence against the people when enjoying their constitutional rights like freedom of association, cultural and traditional rights."

He said citizens of Zimbabwe are to be protect against ZRP for enjoyment of these rights in Chapter 4 of the constitution.

Ibhetshu likazulu Secretary General Mbuso Fuzwayo said they condemn the police behaviour on what they did to the people of Matabeleland who wanted to coronate one of their own.

"We strongly believe the legitimacy issue has nothing to do with the police, but the people of mat. If they thought there's a crime that was to be done, they were supposed to caution him, but allow him to go ahead with his activity," he said.

Source - Byo24News