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Mbalula 'hatred' for Zimbabweans drove false trafficking agenda

by Staff reporter
16 Sep 2017 at 12:12hrs | Views
South Africa's Minister of police, Fikile Mbalula may have deliberately acted without base regarding the human trafficking allegations leveled against a Zimbabwean man because he harbours a hatred for Zimbabweans, the victim of the claims has stated.

Speaking exclusively to this publication, Tare Munzara expressed disappointment at how the whole matter had been handled.

A South African model, Princess Mahlangu travelled to Malaysia for a pageant directed by Munzara, after the pageant had already been cancelled. While in Malaysia reportedly concocted a plan to return home free. She subsequently falsely accused Munzara of attempting to traffic her for sex using a bogus pageant.

Mbalula then took to twitter, to spread the sensational claims. The Zimbabwean man Munzara's was named in confidence by sources within the HAWKS, spokesperson, and members of the SAPS.

But Munzara was discharged after Malaysian police stated that they could not find a crime. A concurrent South African investigation has since been closed.

Munzara's request for an apology and retraction have fallen on deaf ears, with Mbalula reportedly insisting the matter raised awareness.

Now Munzara firmly believes the minister has an agenda against Zimbabweans, as it is not the first time that he has made false accusations against Zimbabweans.

The claims are not entirely baseless. Twice this year, Mbalula has stated that unidentified criminals in South Africa are Zimbabweans. A claim which analysts have stated is absurd, as unidentified people cannot simultaneously be criminals.

Khuluma Afrika co-editor Prof Changamire questioned if the so called criminals shouted their nationalities as they fled the scenes where crimes where committed.

In a lengthy statement, Munzara shared his disappointments.

"Sadly until date the model Princess Mhlangu has not apologized or given a public statement about how she has wrecked my life and the lives of those I work with on this particular project " Miss United Countries " .

The police and the hawks already have stated that his was a lie created by the Model . However whoever is advising her is giving her the wrong legal advice, because we surely are going to make sure that the same Minister " Fikile Mbalula " takes active charge to ensure that the law takes its course.

He rushed to conclude that " Miss United Countries " is an international trafficking organisation and I work with other through this illusion he created that we are a syndicate that traffics and sells people.

As a mature adult and as a leader the people of south Africa, even the world could have expected him to act and open his mouth when he was sure that the case reported was genuine, but he only used his leadership position and not leadership qualities to handle this matter. Not knowing that he was also damaging the hard work put in by other contestants and National Directors, that's time , resources and effort.

A lot of financial sacrifices were made by these people and now the brand has been damaged , and we are going to compensate them because of the lie created by princess Mahlangu and the mistake of concluding done by Fikile Mbalula.

Even if we try to stage the event, who will sponsor , and who will come? Personally now people are shying away from me because they don't need such kind of drama in their business and so I am being dropped and have lost business and other potentials.

I am very aware of how he made a quick intervention, summoning up a press conference to conclude a case that was not investigated or concluded by his team of police and the hawks and how now he doesn't want to correct his own mistake of soiling my hard-earned international profile.

If his intel was accurate he should have checked with the Malaysians that I had no case. I would not be surprised him doing so because he once made untrue remarks about Zimbabweans being the cause of crime in South Africa and also that our army members in south Africa are a bunch of criminals.

These are the same remarks that stir up xenophobia and we don't need this in Africa at all. Moreover, the South African opposition DA Party also took this case up to the Human Rights Commission about his remarks about Zimbabweans.

Its clear that in my case he already had a vendetta with Zimbabweans causing a stir and potential diplomatic rifts, which is very unconscionable. The President of Zimbabwe has even warned him about his bad mouthing of Zimbabweans, but I can see that he hasn't learnt from his mistakes, and so I am going to report what him and princess Mahlangu to President Robert Mugabe , about what they have done to ruin my life.

What really puzzles me is that , according to a source the Press Spokes Person stated that " they used my case to raise awareness about Human Trafficking, even though there was no trafficking in this case. So it shows that I am now a sacrificial Lamp. But nope I stand firm and I will hold my ground because I cant suffer for political ego.

He even soon after that launched an anti-human trafficking campaign under his so called Minister's 6 Points. So they raised awareness by using a bogus case?? Really who does that.

Who am I to judge him but when it comes to my case I believe that he must do the honorable thing of Hosting Another Press Conference with the same media and the same impact just as he did the first one when he concluded that Princess Mahlangu was a real and genuine victim, and yet the real victims are me and the South African National Directors Palesa Ramoshibi and Mpho Masita.

He said we take a victim as a genuine victim, and now he is not acting because its clear that we are the real victims… South Africa has a lot of genuine victims of crime and he never shows his face or interests at large according to many south africans, but in my case he took interests and I know this was done to boost his own public profile and to sort of prove to the people that he is doing his job, but doing his job at the expense of my life and my hard earned work.

This is not a war or a fight against him, but as a real and a genuine victim, I must be heard and I must have my dignity restored by him, he is a professional who must understand that he must use his leadership position to act as a leader and not as a reckless politician who risks the integrity of my life, the Police Department of South Africa, The ANC Party , and the people of South Africa at large.

I just kindly ask him not to try and duck blame, but to go and face the media and say, I was wrong on that case, even if he doesn't mention my name, the media will do it for him.

As for the pathological liar, Princess Mahlangu, we look forward to her being taken in by the police so that justice is served , we cannot let this go unpunished . We suffered and we are still suffering, I don't know when it will end but it must end."

Mbalula declined to comment entirely.

Source - nehanda

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