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Mnangagwa must just halt the automobile deal for both Chiefs and Parliamentarians

by Evangelist Reginald Thabani Gola
22 Jan 2018 at 19:00hrs | Views
Evangelist Reginald Thabani Gola
A most harrowing experience of priorities in the first hundred days of Zimbabwean new President Emnerson Mnangagwa in a most fragile economy that needs real exclusive mid-wifery skills!

The president has ignored real urgent issues that warranted former president Robert Mugabe's long over-due retirement. Instead of The Mnangagwa Chiefs and Parliamentarians blank cheque automobile anointing, it would have been most in order and real leadership for him to address this favoured lot by commandeering both to ensure that all fallow productive land under their jurisdiction or constituency should be tilled to the last inch as a means of urgent economic resuscitation rather than embarking on urgent expenditure upon the same lot with money that is not even there! Mnangagwa's unwarranted sensitive concern over non-performing election-time parliamentarians remains as real worrisome and trivialises the urgent demand for change from Robert Mugabe to a new political and administrative sane order.

It remains as most interesting to note that these two sectors have caught the president's eye beyond most urgent issues in the health sector, social welfare, roads infrastructure even in the cities centres, education and The Zimbabwe Republic Police. It would have been great commonsense to exchange each of these luxury vehicles of an equally luxurious cause for an ambulance for each district, provincial and central hospitals. Or for the purchase of linen for the hospitals and stocking of the ever empty dispensaries that has seen the voting public dying avoidable deaths over the Mugabe sorry era! One wonders as to what has become so terribly good with the parliamentarians as to deserve free vehicles in addition to hefty allowances! The president remains as most likely to trigger wild-cat strikes across the economy from the genuinely deserving essential and productive service functions that could have donated a feather for The Garwe to fly and shine in favour of all!

Mnangagwa was expected to champion a constitutional amendment to facilitate for the easy re-call of every elected non-functional or errant official ranging from Councillor to Head of State respectively! This would have made a greater impact in the first 100 days and would have been most in-line with the urgent reforms related to Mugabe's delayed retirement and the existing baggage or liability elected officials to de-activate their window-dressing presence.

In president Emmerson Mnangagwa I see The Biblical Moses! An anointed Man of God! Like Moses who escaped Pharaoh's primitive gallows at infancy, President Emmerson Mnangagwa escaped colonial gallows at youth at a time when it was so easy to hang a black man! The gallows fashioned against him could not prosper! That was divine favour and a mark of a greater destiny! God was never extravagant! He never saves for luxury!

At the gruesome liberation struggle, all enemy bullets fashioned against The President as a young soldier at war could not prosper, as they could not contend with the hand of God. Of recent, retired First Lady, Grace Mugabe and her G40 most primitive gallows fashioned against President Emmerson Mnangagwa could not prosper as he miraculously scaled his way out of his ready-made Heroes Acre grave with a new political and administrative dispensation for both the tuling ZANU PF, government and opposition political formations that has terrified G40's Professor Jonathan Moyo. Mugabe's powerful prepared eulogy found its way into the dust-bin. That customised Gushungo Dairies Ice-Cream Movement! And this nasty event caught the attention of The Holy Spirit as it was prophesied-upon by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa of The United Family International Church well before its manifestation. I have devine fear for The President! But like the biblical Aaron and Miriam, brother and sister to the biblical Moses respectively, Jehovah, you will pardon me for my equally loose mind and tongue. Aaron and Miriam most rightfully attacked their brother, Moses for going against Israeli tradition and marrying a foreign woman and provoked God's fury upon themselves.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa was most favoured in his mother's womb and throughout his up-bringing and beyond because he was to live to be The Head of State that he is today. God! The most awesome warrior! Broke every barrier that existed against Emmerson Mnangagwa on his devine way to State House. This quality of favour is never a fits-all affair! And I fear it! I am so terrified as I speak my mind-out! Jehovah! The movement if your hand upon the person of President Mnangagwa has provoked more cause in me to expect high quality decision-making. And I believe God will see credibility in my concerns as I endeavour to put a feather on the Garwe to fly at all costs! In Jesus Christ's name! Amen.

Evangelist Reginald Thabani Gola
Cell. 0775 284749

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Source - Evangelist Reginald Thabani Gola