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Aphrodisiac craze hits Masvingo

by Staff reporter
04 Feb 2018 at 10:32hrs | Views
 Married men in Masvingo are in a mad rush for an aphrodisiac called muchemedzambuya which boosts virility and makes them perform better in bed.

The men are flocking to the residence of traditional healer Prosper Dohwai, affectionately known as Sekuru Mhofu.

Recently, there was a report of tourists flocking to the Great Zimbabwe monuments to get the muchemedzambuya herb, which is abundant in one of Zimbabwe's oldest towns and is believed to have been widely used by past rulers who were polygamists.

Muchemedzambuya is Dohwai's latest offering after other known traditional African aphrodisiacs such as mukutura and mudanhatsindi that are taken with food or beverage to boost men's sexual performance.

Dohwai who is the regional chairperson for Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association in that area said most of his clients were men in their 30s whose sexual lives have been affected by lifestyles adopted by most of them.

"I have realised that most of my clients have been affected by the lifestyles.

They are now taking foods with too much fat and sugar, engage in drug and alcohol abuse which makes them unable to sustain themselves in bed and that has caused a lot of problems in many marriages

"…you find out that has been the reason why there is now an increase in married women who are leaving their matrimonial homes in search of such pleasures.

"The greatest threat that most married men now have is that the promiscuous ones always maintain a consistent dosage of muchemedzambuya and once your wife experiences it, it will not be easy to contain her in the home."

Muchemedzambuya when loosely translated means "makes grandmother moan" and Dohwai brags that his clients' feedback has proven that it is effective.

"Here in Masvingo I even get white men and others of different descent who come to me for those herbs.

"They all testify that it makes them last a whole night and always come back asking for more."

Dohwai said since the herbs were natural they did not present health problems to users who complied with the dosage instructions.

He also urged men to adopt healthy lifestyles and avoid being over dependent on drugs to boost sexual performance.

"I have heard of aphrodisiacs that are being smuggled into the country from Mozambique and South Africa which are very cheap and being sold in bars and on the streets and the difference with traditional herbs is that they regulate blood flow in a manner that doesn't pose risk to men's health

"It is better to take traditional medicine because there are always other health benefits that herb will have to your body."

Health minister David Parirenyatwa has warned against the consumption of aphrodisiac sold by unauthorised handlers saying they had drastic health effects.

"…let us warn each other that aphrodisiacs which are drugs meant to enhance your virility, especially among men when they want to sustain or to start an erection, sometimes they use these aphrodisiacs but they are not always safe," Parirenyatwa said during a Parliament session.

"Usually, if you obtain them from the streets or from unregistered handlers, then it becomes double dangerous.

"It can affect your heart. Some people actually can collapse after taking those aphrodisiacs and I am aware that it is true that they are being peddled on the streets."

Source - dailynews