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PHOTOS: A reflection of what Bulawayo is today

by Hopewell Chin'ono‏ @daddyhope
17 May 2018 at 17:58hrs | Views
Hopewell Chin'ono, an award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker posted a collage of pictures that are a reflection of what Bulawayo is today on Twitter.

Said Chin'ono, "A friend posted these pictures in a Whatsapp group. They are a reflection of what Bulawayo is today due to bad policies and more importantly lack of capital. Most of the machinery in these museum like ghost factories is now obsolete.

"They need brand new technology installed in order for them to compete with their regional peers. This is why I see the removal of sanctions that stopped western countries from supporting the private sector as a step towards the right direction.

"We might have our political differences, these shouldn't get in the way of private sector resuscitation! We don't need to wait for elections for this work to resume. Hunger doesn't wait for elections, bills don't wait for elections.

"It is true that bad politics caused much of this rot, but for how long shall we subcontract our future to the past? Where our adversaries get things right let us not oppose for the sake of it. There is nothing wrong with the CDC/Stanchart loan.

Source - Hopewell Chin'ono‏ @daddyhope