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Bona Mugabe praised

by Staff reporter
29 Aug 2018 at 07:22hrs | Views
Bona Mugabe, the former president Robert Mugabe's daughter, was one of the star attractions at President ED Mnangagwa's inauguration at National Sports Stadium yesterday.

Many, both at the giant stadium and watching from home, admired her conduct and presence at the inauguration saying it was the best sign of how we should move on as a country.

Bona, accompanied by her husband Simba Chikore, was standing in for her parents who are reportedly unwell with Grace in Singapore.

Social media users were full of praise for Bona, not only for the humble gesture given the bitter attitude displayed by her parents towards the President ever since operation restore order started last year, but also for her general character and conduct.(image)

She was described as humble, graceful, dignified, respectful, down to earth, level headed, mature amongst many other superlatives.

Some even went further to state that she is better than not just her siblings but her mother (the former first lady) as well.

When she went up the podium to congratulate President Mnangagwa, there was an applause for her from the crowd gathered at the stadium.

Below are some of the comments about Bona posted on social media . . .

Bona Mugabe is a graceful woman she carries herself with dignity, what a lady! I absolutely admire the woman she has become!! – @misscailah

After all I would like to respect my sister Bona Mugabe for going against all odds to attend the inauguration – @TshumaAviator

I once said it that Bona Mugabe could have been a better sale as politician than Grace….. I am still not sure how she found herself giving old Bob company to the polling station on 30 July for all what Bob wanted to portray that day – @Realstylz

Bona Mugabe's gesture is commendable. l personally liked the decision she took, considering blueroof's current domestic policy – @mteliso1

Bona Mugabe at the ED inauguration? I'm sure it's time for everyone to move on! Happy Sunday everyone – @TendayiManyange

I salute you Bona Mugabe – @RangaChimombe

For real here .I don't know what it is but I have always loved Bona Mugabe. She is so humble n down to earth. Opposite of her mum !! –  @olynelo

Pleased to see Bona Mugabe,, its a good sign for zim,, forgive and forget – @night_wilfred

I like Bona Mugabe …Humble and level headed she is Beauty with brains- @Gazzaman14

Ukaona Bona Mugabe ariko iwe uchingo vukura chiziva kuti ma1 ako atotangidza – @amicabl10

Bona and simba well done! – @SmDeliwe

Thats the spirit. – @btshadaya

Appreciate this girl its a rare spicy (sic) from mugabe family – @GwasaAlexio

She is humble – Givy Gawaza

She did well, that's very mature of her. I like this young lady zvangu. Note how she is greeting vanhu vakuru achi tyora muzura – Tash Royaltie-Tyler

Mugabe apo akazvara apo. Dai ari iye mukomana. Manje vakomana least Bona can build bridges – Francis Nyenza

God bless Bona Mugabe. – Patience Walker

Pamberi nBona.kubatana ndokupedza zvose…pfeeee – Ellen Mlambo

Chibereko chinoburitsa zvese akanaka, akaipa mbavha nevaroyi apa pakaburitswa mwana ane tsika nekuremekedza vakuru. Well done Bona – Sylvie Dee

I understand, she is lovely girl. Well done Bona. She was sent by her parents,who were invited but are unwell and in Singapore. ED just read the congratulatory message from Mugabe. – Shumirai Nyashanu

Well done Bona, you are my new favorite person – Charlotte Chabata

Well done Bona you are true Zimbabwean gal. – Phathiwe Nkomo Chinyere

Dats sweetie dats being maturity – Given Cooper Magetsi

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