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Acie Lumuba: I sold my soul to the devil

by Mandla Ndlovu
04 Nov 2018 at 09:35hrs | Views
The Daily News has sensationally reported that it is in possession of an audio recording where  whistle blower Acie Lumumba has confessed to selling his soul to the devil through accepting US$40K from politicians who are using him for factional fights in ZANU PF.

"Hi brother can you help convey the message  to Kuda Tagwirei. I have no way of getting through to him and you know am compromised right now. Lumumba is quoted saying:

"I really need you to get the message to him. Please get hold of me. I need you to help me navigate out of this mess. It's an absolute mess. Very frightening gory things are being plotted. How I found myself in the middle, forget the middle, in the front of it is a myth to me.

"I know I had a problem and you know what my problem was, and you know I asked for help. There was no one paying attention to my needs and in the end,  I think I sold myself to the devil to get it done and here we are, nothing in return.

"I just want you to get the message to Tagwirei. Looking at and knowing this system do you really think people were fired because of Lumumba? If you do not make time to see me, please at least forgive me for what am about to do.

"This fight is inevitable. There is a real fight starting between Number 1 and Number 2. If I am to be useful please can I be useful to people who are my friends and who will look after my interests than to people who are using me the way they use a condom, you use it and throw it away. I hope you get back to me."

Lumumba has come guns blazing at the Daily News and the mystical fuel cartel Leader Queen Bee accusing them of  fabricating lies about him. He has promised to deal with Queen Bee on his Facebook Live Broadcast on Sunday at 9PM.

Source - Byo24News