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VP Mohadi named in mysterious deaths and farm scandals?

by Mandla Ndlovu
10 Nov 2018 at 06:28hrs | Views
Whistleblower Prisca Mutema has sensationally  that Vice President Kembo Mohadi is involved in a series of scandals involving multiple farm grabbing and number of deaths.

The expose come at a time when a number of whistleblowers are using internet to expose a number of political and corporate bigwigs who are  allegedly involved in corrupt activities.

Says Mutema, "This is Kembo Mohadi, current vice-president of Zimbabwe. Emmerson Mnangagwa should do something about this man's abuse of office. Mohadi  fought with 3 farmers, 2 black war veterans and  the other a white farmer. Both won their cases at the courts. All of them are now mysteriously dead.

"After their deaths, Mohadi  continued to harass their children and widows in order to grab their farms. But Mohadi is using smoke and mirrors to deny responsibilities. He claims the farms are not his but belong to his son, Campell and  his ex-wife, Tambudzani.

In 2013, Mohadi's security shot dead one of the villagers who had gone through to fence to get access to his stolen land. Mohadi claimed the man was poacher, silenced the whole area  and  got his security guard acquitted through lies.

"Jopembe Farm in Beitbridge is now hell for widows and orphans left behind by these villagers, including  2 war veterans. Recently, Mohadi's herdboy stole 2 cows from 1 of these widows, Soforia Ndou.

"Mohadi claims her land was allocated to him in 2009, but he is been hounding her since 2005, just before her husband, a war veteran died. Mohadi is refusing to return the cows, saying he does not have them and claiming he has 800 cows of his own. The VP is therefore a cattle rustler.

"Mohadi has ignored court orders to take down his fence. When the Sheriff sought Zimbabwe Republic Polices  help to go take it down, the police refused and warned him to stay away for his own safety.

"Mohadi is currently claiming 6 other farms to add to the one he has failed to develop and  run down. He is using his son Campbell to grab these. Mohadi's fence is still up in defiance of court orders. Then we complain when we are told we do not follow the rule of law?

The former Home Affairs minister Kembo Mohadi remains a free man despite over whelming evidence implicating him in the 1999 murder of Lutheran World Federation employee Strover Mutonhori.

Mutonhori's daughter Tracy who is now 28 years old says she was only 8 years old when her father went missing on the 1st of March 1999 and his decomposing body found on the 17th of August at the Whitewaters Range in Matopos.

"I still feel heartbroken and to me and the whole family the wound is still very fresh and I think we will continue to feel that way until justice has been served."

Source - Byo24News