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Politicians react to Jim Kunaka's testimony

by Mandla Ndlovu
23 Nov 2018 at 07:41hrs | Views
Politicians and political activists have registered their reactions to the statements by the former Chipangano terror leader Jim Kunaka that he was working with the military  to unleash violence on opposition members.

Political Activist Mfundo Mlilo said,"The Jim Kunaka testimony is a very important one in as far as it confirms what the state has continued to deny. It paints the important picture about the violent nature of ZANUPF to the commission. It confirms to the commission how ZANUPF uses state organs to achieve its political ends. It also exposed Charity Manyeruke big time and the fact that this Commission is a political witch hunt more that a search for the truth. "

"We have always maintained that Zanupf is a violent party. Kunaka has vindicated us. What happened in parliament today also proves our point,"said MDC Deputy spokesperson (Byo) Edwin Ndlovu.

Tajamuka Leader Promise Mkwananzi said ZANU PF was  clutching at a straw to try to discredit Kunaka as a witness and invariably his important evidence.

Former Zimbabwe National Students Union leader Tererayi Sithole said, "While we all know that Jim Kunaka is not a saint, the revelations he made were very useful in highlighting how the ZANU-PF creature operates from the perspective of a player in the game."

South Africa based political analyst Fortune Mlalazi questioned the sincerity of ZANU PF in setting up the commission of inquiry.

"ZANU PF has always been what it is; a violent organisation. We are grateful to see brave people like Kunaka who can stand up  and expose the  involvement of army in the history of closing democratic spaces for opposition activists through violence and murder. Kunaka showed us that the events of August 1 were not anything new, but  it was what he used to do working with the army.  

"On the other hand, I would like to say we while we need every death of citizens to be accounted for, I do not think Mnangagwa is sincere in putting up this commission. He only put up this commission because he concluded the opposition is on the wrong side mand hence he uses this process to try them and lynch them. If Mnangagwa was sincere we should have seen him setting up a commission for Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina and 2008 killings which claimed more lives.

"Despite that, we also appreciate the work done by Professior Madhuku his line of questioning gives us the answers that we have always wanted from ZANU PF," said Mlalazi.

Source - Byo24News