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'Internet shutdown is unconstitutional,' says Jonathan Moyo

by Ndou Paul
15 Jan 2019 at 21:01hrs | Views
Zimbabwe's mobile phone networks and internet were partially shut down, with one industry source saying the systems had been jammed and many users were complaining of severely limited access.

Jonathan Moyo, notorious for his actions during the repressive Robert Mugabe regime, says Zimbabwe has five international gateways: three state-owned (NetOne, TelOne and Telecel); one owned by the Army's AFRICOM and another by Econet. The internet shutdown is unconstitutional. Did Econet volunteer to shut down or did Govt get a court order?

It looks like Moyo now knows that there is a constitution and some government actions are unconstitutional. We agree with Jonathan Moyo when he says the internet shutdown is unconstitutional, but we must never forget his role in destroying standards when he was one of Mugabe's henchmen.
The government more than doubled petrol prices at the weekend after months of shortages that saw drivers queueing for hours to fill up. Essentials such as bread and medicine have also been scarce.

Moyo added, "With social media down, emails down, business websites down & telemedicine down, risking lives; the internet shutdown is unconstitutional. Service providers & the regulator (@Potraz_zw) must be held liable for losses of freedom of expression, business & lives!"

Source - Byo24News