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Mliswa defiant...guns for ZANU PF leaders

by Mandla Ndlovu
14 Feb 2019 at 10:05hrs | Views
Norton Member of parliament Temba Mliswa has vowed to remain vigilant in the fight against corrupt ZANU PF officials despite the attacks that he is getting.

Equating him to the historic English politician William William Wilberforce, Mliswa said," Just as the English cleric John Wesley sent a message to British Politician William Wilberforce in Parliament encouraging him to keep on fighting slave trade, the Zimbabwean people have sent me a message to keep on fighting corruption and with the people of Zimbabwe behind me I'll persevere."

Mliswa is facing two lawsuits worth 10 million each from Vice President Kembo Mohadi and MP Dexter Nduna who he is accusing of corruption.

Mliswa says he is eager to have his day in court so he can spill more beans.

Find Mliswa's full statement below:

The motives of the Herald are very clear to all. We all know the history behind the Norton election who the current Information Minister is, the smear campaign is in overdrive. The people of Norton, however, know me the hard worker I am, they know exactly what they voted for

I'm aware of Hon. VP Mohadi's media influence against met hat in me they have one common interest. Being a hero takes sacrifice. Corruption will be eliminated. It doesn't need an army but for those who are passionate about its downfall to stand firm speak out against it as I do

If there's any evidence against me involved in corrupt activities - go for it! Now the attack is targeted at my sister too but as a lioness, she's more than capable of looking after herself as you'll see. She's a MaSibanda indeed! Remember it's the lioness that hunts!

This is one of the reasons I'm not in ZANUPF as the mess they create is unnecessary. Why can't they exert all these energies on focusing on the economy? If all their focus is on me they've lost the plot. They must answer to the corruption and answer to the country's economic mess

ZANUPF must be careful of losing its political mandate as its turning into an activist organisation despite Mnangagwa's spirited efforts. The youth leaders are more like criminals activists than politicians some couldn't even make it in their own internal Primaries.

How can you then expect them to be in forefront of campaigning for Mnangagwa? If they can't convince those in the party what more those out? For the country to be stable ZANUPF must be stable as it's the ruling party

As a member of ZANUPF Hon. Nduna's confessions of murder will bring the Party into disrepute if they don't address it. They're currently under attack for allegedly killing people one of their own makes such sensational declarations. ZANUPF must respond!

Source - Byo24News