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Zimbabwe bans Zambian energy drink, warning it can cause heart problems

by ZimLive
19 Mar 2019 at 18:33hrs | Views
A Zambian energy drink has been banned in Zimbabwe after regulators found it contains a dangerous pharmaceutical component that can cause blindness or heart failure.

The Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ), in a public notice on Tuesday, said it was advising Zimbabweans to "avoid buying and consuming Natural Power SX High Energy Drink."

The energy drink, which is marketed as an aphrodisiac, was also banned in Uganda reportedly after a man who consumed it experienced a six-hour erection, an irregular heartbeat and heavy sweating.

"Following a series of laboratory tests, the Authority has found Natural Power SX High Energy Drink to contain an active pharmaceutical component, sildenafil, which can have adverse impact on health such as loss of vision, loss of hearing and heart problems, which can be fatal," MCAZ said in a statement.

The MCAZ said with the help of the police it had seized a large consignment of the energy drink destined for Zimbabwean shops and supermarkets.

Natural Power SX High Energy Drink, the MCAZ said, also carries "unproven medical claims of increasing male libido, being an aphrodisiac and a performance booster."

Shops and individuals that continue to stock, distribute or sell Natural Power SX High Energy Drink will be prosecuted for "endangering public health."

The energy drink is produced by Revin Zambia Limited, a Ndola-based company which maintains that the drink is safe.

Source - ZimLive