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Matebeleland Collective a ZANU PF and British creation?

by Mandla Ndlovu
21 Apr 2019 at 16:14hrs | Views
A grouping of Matabeleland civic society leader and clergymen called the Matebeleland Collective (MC) was allegedly created by the British government and ZANU PF.

The allegations were brought in  by Bulawayo acedic Faith Silandulo Dube who was responding to Pastor  Anglistone T. Mthiyane Sibanda's attack on Professor Jonathan Moyo over the Gukurahundi issues.

Dube alleges that the funds to set up the MC  was channeled to DFID from the Foreign Office.

Read the full statement below:

Your greatest problem is that you only operate at the level of simplicity. That explains why you don't understand how the idea and the conception of the Matebeleland Collective was planned in the UK between the ZANU PF government and the British Foreign Office, and money was disbursed by the Foreign Office's agent, DFID, and handed to Trace for them to then proceed with a Workshop that you were all literally handpicked to participate in not knowing that you were furthering a big geo-political agenda whose aim was to spruce Mnangagwa's image.

Right now you are busy celebrating an idea that you don't even know, let alone understand its origination. For your information even the man who facilitated the workshop that you attended, in which they pretended to be consulting you leading to that stupid document which you call the compendium - the document whose stencil they already had including its aims and objectives was the British Ambassador's partner.

I can provide you his name. In case you didn't know he was Mnangagwa's friend. For you to see how dull and definitely ignorant you are, you should ask yourself why would Mnangagwa who even to this day still considers Gukurahundi Genocide a ‘bygone', something that we shouldn't even be talking about decided to come and meet you instead of the genuine representatives, such as, the Traditional Chief, MPs and other already existing structures of representation but he chose to encourage and utilize your empty pretence of being representatives when you are not.

I know that what I have said is far too deep for your simple mind. But other people should know this truth. What I have just said are brute facts. Let me end by stating that what you have done is actually called ‘unilateralism', it's not representation."

Source - Byo24News