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Lawyer pledges fuel for ZRP to arrest teenagers

by Mandla Ndlovu
07 May 2019 at 13:28hrs | Views
Top Bulawayo lawyer Sindiso Mazibisa has pledged to donate fuel to the Zimbabwe Republic Police to assist them in arresting more teenagers who are involved in beer binge parties known as Vuzu parties.

Police arrested scored of teenagers in the past days and recovered erection pills, condoms and weapons.

Said Mazibisa, "We need to restore legal parental discipline to curtail juvenile delinquency, create reformatory schools and stiffer sentences for drugs both dealing and possession. Anyone with ZRP numbers l want to donate 20litres for more raids on Vuzu Rubbish Parties. Some of us are ready and willing to effect citizen arrests."

Mazibisa added that the failure  to discipline the children was a recipe for disaster.

"This rubbish view of treating future leaders and citizens like eggs and small gods in the name of civilization is a recipe for disaster. Some of us who are die hard advocates for the rod and iron fist till university are calling for an overhaul of the matrix for raising children. I would rather be remembered as a tough father than a moron raising idiots who would never amount to anything useful in the world or God's Kingdom.

"Pampering kids with money and no curfews you will reap bountfully. I will rather be arrested by an earthly government than defy God who gave me a mandate to raise my kids as up right citizens. To all law makers most of us who are products of the supposed old system know respect for elders and ourselves not this vuzu nonsense."

Bulawayo children have a record of getting drunk especially during the last day of Trade Fair where there seen roaming around town.

The arrest of the children revealed that they lack parental guidance since most of the parents are in diaspora.

Source - Byo24News