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You will never walk alone, Comrade President

by Kennedy Mapesa Mandaza
05 Jun 2019 at 22:09hrs | Views
Events of the 18th to the 24th November 2017 in Zimbabwe are still vivid in the minds of many people across the world. The events were greeted by many with jubilation, tears of joy, all night celebrations and the heralding of a new beginning and renewed hope.
The promise to serve all citizens, revitalise the struggling economy and fight corruption and the call for peace and unity across all Zimbabweans was well received by all people including those in the diaspora.

There was now renewed hope to participate in the rebuilding of the country. Everywhere you went there were enquiries on investment and business opportunities in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe was the new destination of choice to many people.

But alas, all this hope has all been fading by the day. The sad part is that Zimbabweans have become their worst enemies in the rebuilding of the economy. The seeming patriotism shown on the 18th November 2019 has dissipated at an alarming rate, all because change hasn't been fast enough and dramatic.

The abuse of social media by individuals and organisations is alarming. No single day passes without someone circulating fake news which scare away investors. We hype situations, create make-believe stories and images that seek to make Zimbabwe a pariah state. If you see and read messages and images made and circulated by Zimbabweans, anyone who have not had the opportunity to see or hear the true Zimbabwean narrative, is bound to conclude that Zimbabwe is a country at war.

The opposition party has not made it any better. Each time the leader gets near to a microphone and camera, besides calling for continued sanctions, he spews messages of despair and despondency. The mood in the opposition is that for elections and have this mystical belief that things will not change without them. This narrative is unpatriotic and is against every fibre of democracy. The result is that their actions are that of saboteurs and anarchists.

It is undeniable that corruption had become the norm in both public and private sector. The entrenchment of this vice among Zimbabweans across the divide has been the worst evil to eradicate in order for the promises made before and during electioneering, thrive. This vice continue to hog the limelight and requires bold, decisive and tangible action.

While battling with the social media abuse and attending to the threats to cause mayhem in Zimbabwe by those pushing the regime change agenda, the government should openly and decisively deal with corrupt officials who are frustrating every effort for the economy to recover.

The mantra, ‘Zimbabwe is open for business', has gained tremendous momentum in and outside Zimbabwe. The opening up of the democratic, economic and media space are welcome reforms which by now should be yielding positive results in the speedy recovery of the economy. These developments are being abused and frustrated by corrupt tendencies. It is time high and low profile cases of corruption be dealt with fearlessly empowering the anti-corruption body with biting teeth.

Notwithstanding, all this negativity, patriotic Zimbabweans remain supportive of the reforms being spearheaded by the President of Zimbabwe. The understanding that real change takes time and the President's vision premised on Vision 2030, is indicative of a President on a mission. Understandably, the task to turn around the fortunes of Zimbabwe cannot be underestimated though not insurmountable.

The task requires all Zimbabweans in the country and those in the diaspora to put their shoulders on the deck in pursuit of a common goal. Like the clarion call goes, 'you will never walk alone' Mr. President. The distance covered so far gives hope, but this can further be sustained if the vice of corruption in both government and private sector is decisively dealt without fear or favour. In all this Zimbabwe should be the eventual winner, because Zimbabweans are yearning for a thriving country.   

Source - Kennedy Mapesa Mandaza