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Teachers close schools over slaries

by Mandla Ndlovu
23 Jul 2019 at 10:56hrs | Views
Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) has reported that its members have successfully heeded the call to go for an early holiday after the government failed to raise their salaries.

In a statement on Monday ARTUZ said, " Our district leaders have gathered that teachers are now winding off the term across the country and are set to permanently leave for an early holiday by end of the day today."

ARTUZ added that the APEX council was letting the civil servants and has betrayed the struggles for the teachers.

"The APEX council which is now fronting government public relations work, have failed to convince the teachers to go back to work. Teachers are angered by the betrayal by the APEX council which is now a government tool for demobilising and dividing civil servants.

"ARTUZ welcomes the support from the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, ZCTU during this phase of our battle of a living wage. This marks the beginning of an enduring alliance in the struggle for labour justice."

The organization urged international organizations to put pressure on the government to force them to respect labour rights.

"We implore the international community to apply diplomatic pressure on our government encouraging them to respect labour rights defined in Section 65 of Zimbabwe's constitution.

"Our Cdes from Zimbabwe's left, we invite you to put shoulders to the wheel as we collectively fight the neo-liberal agenda fronted by Mthuli Ncube on behalf of International Capital. We call upon all Civil servants to take a leaf from the teachers and join us as we demand a living wage from our employer."

Source - Byo24News