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Zimbabwe under tyranny 40 years on, says Khama

by Staff reporter
22 Sep 2020 at 05:33hrs | Views
OUTSPOKEN former Botswana President Ian Khama has made a scathing evaluation of the Zanu-PFled regime's performance saying nothing, except for name and leaders, had changed in Zimbabwe since independence.

Speaking in a webinar meeting to discuss the state of affairs in southern African nations, Khama said Zimbabwe was still under tyranny despite President Emmerson Mnangagwa's claim of being a reformist.

Said the ex-leader: "Abductions, incarceration of journalists, politicians from other people, royals and many people and still many Zimbabweans moving out of the country as a result, all this clearly indicates that today, 40 years since independence, the only thing that has changed in Zimbabwe is the name of the country and that of its leaders.

"In plain English, there is a crisis in Zimbabwe, not just challenges with extreme difficulties all manmade and growing in intensity and long lasting.

"That is why Zanu-PF officials use the word crisis almost 14 times at one stage more than any other in that briefing."

"A leader has one responsibility and one only, and that is to mobilise, motivate programmes and policies in the best interests of citizens not in their self-interest. People's lives matter, Zimbabweans' lives matter," he added.

The Zanu-PF-led administration has come under intense criticism for both acts of commission and omission in relation to human rights abuses even from countries viewed as allies.

Recently, South African politicians and public officials have spoken strongly about tensions in Zimbabwe which have the State visiting abuses on government critics and opponents of the ruling Zanu-PF party.

Among prominent South African politicians and public figures that have both blasted and called for stricter measures against the Harare administration are former Public Protector Tuli Madonsela and opposition Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema.

Some ANC politicians have also dumped diplomacy and started speaking out against the Zimbabwean government.

However, Mnangagwa's administration has been adamant that there is no crisis in the country, insisting the world is reacting to false social media claims of abuses and poor leadership in Zimbabwe.

Recently, Defence deputy minister Victor Matemadanda launched an attack on Khama, telling the bachelor ex-leader to direct his efforts towards finding himself a wife and stop meddling in other countries' affairs.

Source - newzimbabwe