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Mnangagwa mourns journalist Janet Munyaka

by Mandla Ndlovu
07 Dec 2020 at 05:43hrs | Views
First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa has hailed the late ZBC journalist Janet Munyaka as a hardworking news reporter who was committed to give a voice to her country.

The Veteran journalist died from from Covid-19 complications.

Find below the full statement from the First Lady.
Once more the nation is grieving the passing on of Mrs Janet Munyaka who succumbed to Covid19 at St Annes Hospital on 5 December 2020.

Mrs Munyaka was employed by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation as a Diplomatic Correspondent. She joined the national broadcaster as a news reporter in 2000 and held fort till her untimely departure. Janet joined the national broadcaster at a time when Zimbabwe undertook the Fast Track Land Reform Programme whose main objective was the reclamation of land by the majority blacks that had been dispossessed and disenfranchised during the colonial era.

The bold move to re-distribute land equitably was met with a hostile response by the settlers and the former colonizers that sought to use Zimbabwe as an example that land redistribution to empower dispossessed indigenous citizens was a futile and dangerous exercise. Zimbabwe came under a vicious attack through an unprecedented economic and media onslaught.

It took dedicated, patriotic and loyal citizens of the country in the mold of Janet to take it upon themselves to boldly and unashamedly tell the true Zimbabwean narrative. Today, Zimbabwe boasts of a successful Land Reform Programme and is set to attain an upper middle income society by 2030. It is now incumbent upon all of us Zimbabweans to make the land productive and restore the country's basket status on the African continent as a way of saying thank you to our heroes and heroines who made personal sacrifice for the good of the country.

Owing to historical prejudices and stereotypes, it is not easy for the girl child to break and be established in most professions to the level Janet had reached. Janet is remembered as a veteran journalist, hard worker and one of the female media professionals who managed to serve her country well in the face of challenges that face the girl child. She was a hardworking news reporter who was committed to give a voice to her country. Her hardworking ethos was a great inspiration to many.

Source - Auxillia Mnangagwa