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Agritex officers, councillors looting command agriculture inputs

by Concerned citizen
24 Jan 2021 at 16:16hrs | Views
As farmers in Muzarabani district we are being sabotaged by Agritex officers who are  working in cahoots with councillors in looting Command Agricultural scheme inputs.

The inputs are not reaching the farmers as the officers and councillors are getting 20 bags of compound fertilizers each at the expense of farmers.

These fertilizers are being sold and many of us are not getting the inputs.

May the responsible authority please put checks and balances to these inputs.

We have been waiting patiently at GMB Centenary at times we are told to go to Mvurwi or Concession but our names keep on being referred back to Centenary where the extension officers and councillors loot the inputs.

Failure to get these inputs in time results in the hunger of the nation.

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Source - Concerned citizen

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