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Zanu-PF MP, councillors clash over CDF

by Staff reporter
21 Mar 2021 at 11:40hrs | Views
Trouble seems to be brewing in paradise for Zaka Central legislator Davison Svuure whose councillors have pinned him down demanding accountability for the 2020 Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Svuure and his councillors share a WhatsApp group in which they discuss developments in the constituency and areas of cooperation.

The gasket blew when Svuure asked for reports from the councillors who then fired back at the legislator saying he should also report to them on how the 2020 CDF funds have been used.

Each constituency received a total of $200 000 in CDF in 2020 which was revised upwards in the 2021 national budget to $2 million per constituency.

TellZim News is in possession of the leaked chats and audios from the WhatsApp group where Svuure told the councillors that they had no right to ask him about CDF as it was his money and was not obligated to explain himself to them.

"Is there anything happening in Ward 8, 9 and 13. Councillor Tererai (Ward 8) Mada (Ward 13) and Mutandavari (Ward 9) I am not hearing anything from there but we said lets share information of what is happening on the group.

"I heard you councillor Mada saying you don't know anything about CDF, I don't know what you want to know because the fund is not yours.

"It's not for councillors but for the MP. The only way you can know about the CDF is only if you are in the CDF committee.

"You cannot come asking to see the CDF budget, it's not your duty, there are parliament auditors who are responsible for that," said Svuure.

Ward 13 councillor Manfred Mada responded saying they were not sharing information from their wards because Svuure was not doing the same.

"The challenge is we are kept in the dark on parliamentary issues and CDF so let's communicate from top to bottom so that we know where we stand in terms of development," said Mada.

Svuure, who doubles as the Zaka District Coordinating Committee (DCC) deputy chairperson, warned that councillors should respect him singling out Ward 8 councillor Tererai Tererai whom he said was his critic.

Svuure told TellZim News that he had discussed the matter with the councillors and told them that those who want clarification should visit his office in Jerera saying he could not discuss internal matters through the media.

"I discussed the matter with the councillors and I told them to visit the office if they wanted clarification on how the CDF was used and their silence means they understood so I cannot say anything more to the media. If there is anyone else who want to know more should come to my office," said Svuure.

Source - tellzim