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Bogus army officer up for 19 rape counts

by Staff reporter
18 Aug 2021 at 14:59hrs | Views
A HARARE man who impersonated being Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) officer appeared in court Wednesday facing 19 rape charges.

He committed the offences, which also include robbery after offering the women transport on various occasions across Harare.

He is also being charged with money laundering and impersonation.

Sam Muropa (31) appeared before Harare magistrate, Dennis Mangosi who advised him to apply for bail at the High Court.

The bogus gunman was not asked to plead and was remanded in custody to September 18, 2021.

The police said more complainants were still filing charges against Muropa.

According to state papers, the accused bought an Audi A4 vehicle, registration AFA 0272 using the proceeds of crime.

On 27 July this year at around 11 am, the first complainant boarded a Toyota Wish, silver in colour with three occupants including Muropa intending to get into town.

The court heard along Samora Machel Avenue one of the accused's colleagues seated at the back seat grabbed the complainant by the neck while his accomplice who was seated by her side pointed a pistol at her.

He later grabbed her handbag and stole US$600.

After that Muropa and accomplices covered her face with a cloth and dumped her close to Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison where she was assisted by  prison wardens.

On July 29, 2021, at around 14:30 hrs the gang also robbed another complainant of $US20 cash and valuables worth US$170.

The following day, another unsuspecting passenger boarded the trio's car intending to get into town.

Along the way, close to White House shops in Kuwadzana, the suspects produced knives and ordered the complainant not to lift her head.

They assaulted her with clenched fists and later parked their vehicle at a bushy area near Nharira Farm in Norton.

Muropa allegedly raped the complainant once without protection. After the ordeal, he stole her iPhone and Samsung J4 Plus, national identity card, and US$13.

The trio later dumped her, and she was assisted by good Samaritans.

On the same day, Muropa and accomplices picked another female and wanted to rape her.

The court heard the victim told Muropa she was HIV positive after which he forced his manhood in her mouth and later ejaculated between her thighs.

They stole money amounting to US$105, Samsung phone, HP laptop, USB, and hard drive.

The accused person threw the complainant's handbag through the passenger window and ordered her to disembark while naked. She lost property worth US$590 and property worth US$200 has been recovered.

Five days later, Muropa and accomplices picked another passenger in Kuwadzana and drove to Bulawayo Road where they suddenly attacked her while in their vehicle.

The court heard they searched for valuables and ordered her to undress.

It is alleged they then forced her to masturbate threatening to rape her if she did not comply with their orders.

They let her masturbate for close to 20 minutes while watching and later dumped her 20 meters away from a railway in Tynwald.

She lost valuables worth US$84 and nothing was recovered.

On the same day at around 11:45 am, two sisters fell prey to the trio after boarding the Toyota Wish at Oriel Girls High in Chisipite intending to get in town.

The two sisters were forced to undress and masturbate while the suspects went through their belongings.

They stole US$93, a handbag, wallet, blower, braids, identification particulars, and cellphones before dumping them.

On 13 August, two women from Budiriro were allegedly raped by Muropa on different occasions.

On the same day at around 2 pm, Muropa allegedly raped another woman in Westwood without protection before stealing her belongings and dumping her.

The 17th and 18th counts happened on August 15.

Muropa and friends picked the complainant who they later left naked near Zindoga shopping centre in Waterfalls after stealing valuables worth US$842 from her. Only a Covid -19 vaccination card in her name has been recovered.

The second victim on this day was picked up from Highlands.

They blindfolded her and raped her from Highlands to Hatfield without protection. They dumped her and drove along North Road.

She also managed to identify Muropa at an identification parade. She lost property worth US$120 and nothing was recovered.

The last incident investigated occurred on  August 16 when the complainant was robbed of goods worth US$520 and nothing was recovered.

On August 16 upon his arrest, he was searched and found in possession of a ZNA military police identity card in the name of Thilli Adnico and a ZNA ID in the name of Pride N Elate Mutembedza.

The court also heard impersonated Norman Chimuka, who is a lawyer.

On count 21, during the period from January 2021 to July 2021, the accused in the company of his accomplices committed a spate of armed robbery cases in greater Harare and used the proceeds to buy an Audi A4.

Muropa is represented by Tinashe Mbala.

Source - newzimbabwe

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