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12 wives, 100 kids and a goblin-selling business

by Staff reporter
09 Jan 2022 at 06:01hrs | Views
HABITUALLY well-dressed and a teetotaller who does not take traditional snuff, the business-minded and flamboyant Sekuru Kafura, who cruises around in the latest Ford Ranger vehicles, is everything that one can least expect from a 68-year-old traditional healer.

A polygamist and die-hard traditionalist, the controversial healer, who openly talks about how he dishes out supposed money-spinning goblins like confetti, is married to 12 wives - excluding three that died in the past five years - and has sired an unbelievable 100 children.

A man of means, the Chitungwiza-based self-confessed goblin seller buys an incredible 118 loaves every day, spending an astonishing US$826 every week on bread alone.

His very large family consumes a beast every week and spends thousands of United States dollars on such basic necessities as tissues and other toiletries every month.

A successful businessman and farmer, the Malawi-born traditional healer is also addicted to flashy, expensive wheels.

His garage - an open space adjacent to his house - boasts of 35 vehicles, among them the latest BMWs, Ford Rangers, Mercedes-Benz and commuter omnibuses.

The outspoken character's face always lights up each time he is asked about his goblin-selling "business".

"There is nothing to be ashamed of. I sell goblins to whoever can afford. I have been doing this since 1972 and this is not a secret," he said.

He, however, was not amused when asked how he keeps all his wives happy.

"Why should I openly discuss such private issues with the nation? Such issues are private and can only be discussed by me and my wives."

But, Moses Kafura - the traditional healer's son and assistant - did hesitate to reveal the amount of money one must part with to buy a goblin.

"When it comes to goblins, we have three packages. We charge US$2 500, US$1 500 and US$500 for the three packages on offer," he said casually.

Born in Mushinji, Malawi, in 1954, Sekuru Kafura grew up in both Malawi and Zimbabwe. Up to this day, he still maintains a family - two wives and six children - in Malawi. When The Sunday Mail Society visited him in Unit J last week, he was in high spirits after receiving expensive Christmas presents from his brood in Malawi.

"I don't know why some people are against polygamy. Look at me, I got these precious gifts from my many children. If I had few children, was I going to get these many gifts?" he quipped.

An enigma and intriguing character, Sekuru Kafura, unlike the majority of traditional healers, is always smart and does not drink or smoke.

"I have no time for drinking and smoking. I would rather spend that precious time on increasing my brood."

Among his many material possessions is a thriving farm in Beatrice, from where the big family gets its provisions.

Apart from the 100 herd of cattle, he runs piggery and chicken projects.

He has also invested heavily in real estate, with more than 20 houses in Harare alone.

The traditional healer recently caused a stir when he revealed that some of the people seeking his services are well-known church pastors, politicians and top business executives. Four of his children are currently on "apprenticeship", as they are being taught their father's "craft".

Unfortunately, the children will have to wait a little longer before they become fully-fledged practitioners.

"They will only become fully-fledged traditional healers after I am gone. My father taught me this craft and I only started healing people long after my father had died. I will do the same with my sons; I will not allow a situation in which I will one day compete for clients with my own children."

However, he is against the idea of his daughters becoming traditional healers.

"Who among you gentlemen would want to marry a traditional healer? I don't want my daughters to get divorced for being traditional healers. Traditional healing, in my view, is a man's domain," he observed.

Sekuru Kafura gave a chilling warning to people who are using his name to fleece unsuspecting people of their hard-earned cash on social media platforms.

"I am aware of people who are using my good name to rob people. My clients are being robbed in broad daylight. What I can only say is that those that are doing this must stop or face the consequences."

Source - The Sunday Mail
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