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Car with stolen chickens lands in ditch

by Staff reporter
23 Mar 2022 at 05:32hrs | Views
A BULAWAYO man has lost over 200 chickens to thieves over the past two months and a man who fled police while driving a car ferrying some of the birds has been arrested.

The suspect Tawanda Kasimiro (29) of Emganwini suburb, allegedly drove away after traffic police on Monday night tried to stop him as he was driving a red Toyota Raum that had no number plates, packed with the birds.

Kasimiro was reportedly stopped by police near Zimbabwe School of Mines in Killarney Suburb at around 9PM, but drove off into the bush before landing in a ditch.

He then got out of the car and took to his heels, leaving the clucking chickens.

Police, who were in pursuit, found the abandoned car with a total of 103 chickens, along with stock feed and drinking troughs.

A total of 17 birds had died, perhaps from the gruelling journey from Montgomery suburb, where they were reportedly stolen from Mr Richard Ndebele's homestead.

The car and the loot were taken to ZRP Drill Hall, for further investigations.

According to sources, Kasimiro then came to the Drill Hall yesterday afternoon and tried to claim the chickens as his, saying when he saw the police he was spooked as his car had no number plates.

It is reported that Kasimiro said he was transporting the chickens to his house in Emganwini, but unbeknown to him, Mr Ndebele had already made a report of stock theft in the morning and was at Drill Hall to identify them.

Kasimiro was then arrested.

Mr Ndebele has been having sleepless nights ever since the thieves targeted his house last month.
"This is the second time that they have struck at my house. The first time was last month and they took most of my chickens.

This month they used the same method, where they cut the fence and the locks and stole my layer chickens," said Mr Ndebele.
In an effort to stop the theft, Mr Ndebele purchased a dog, but the dog has gone missing.

"I don't know whether this dog was stolen or what, but we can't find it. On both occasions I didn't hear anything from the fowl run," said Mr Ndebele.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident.

"We have arrested Tawanda Kasimiro of Emganwini suburb and we are treating this case as stock theft. Alert police officers from traffic were doing patrols in Killarney opposite School of Mines, when they tried to stop a red Toyota Raum that had no number plates.

"The driver ran away turning into a bush and landed in a ditch before abandoning it. Police discovered the 103 chickens of which 17 have died," said Inspector Ncube.

The battered car did not have back seats and could have been used for other stock theft cases as Kasimiro has a pending case in Kezi of the same crime.

Source - The Chronicle
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