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Suicide death spikes in Bulawayo

by Stephen Jakes
26 Apr 2022 at 14:37hrs | Views
Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has urged the public to seek councelling following a spate of suicide cases in Bulawayo this month. 

In a statement, police said "On 22 April 2022 ZRP Kumalo recorded a sudden death incident which occured along Sadie Avenue  Park View Bulawayo where  a body of a male adult was found hanging from a tree and the police did not observe any visible injuries on the body."

"On the 24 of April 2022 another similar incident occurred where West Commonage police recorded  a sudden death report which occurred at Silver Crescent premises, Bulawayo where a body  of a male adult was found hanging from a tree and the police did not observe any injuries." 

Police said another two similar  incidents were witnessed by  Bulawayo residents in Pumula where   the body of a young male adult was found  hanging in Amarula tree on 15th of April whilst  recently, Number 6 residents also witnessed the body of a young boy hanging on a tree in Number 6 presidential area.

In Harare, on the 24th of April 2022 another  dead body was found hanging on a tree.

"Police in Waterfalls attended a sudden death scene in Retreat Farm Waterfalls, Harare where a body of a male adult was seen hanging from a tree and no visible marks were noted on the body," added the statement. 

Bulawayo Provincial Police spokesperson , Inspector Ncube,  confirmed the incident and made an  appeal to the public to seek counselling whenever they are battling  with a situation  beyond their strength.

"We encourage the public to open up to their friends , families and communities  wherever they are encountering problems. Visiting concelling centres offered by Non Governmental Organisations ( NGOz)  and other institutions should be utilised to avoid suicide," said Ncube.

Source - Byo24News