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Zimbabwe govt races towards Deka timelines

by Staff reporter
27 Jul 2022 at 06:28hrs | Views
TRUCKLOADS of a massive consignment of pipes and key equipment for the US$48,1 million Deka Pipeline Project continue to be delivered in Hwange as Government races to ensure the March 2023 implementation timelines are met.

The project is being implemented by the Second Republic parallel to the US$1,4 billion Hwange Unit 7 and 8 Expansion project, to augment supply of water at Hwange Power Station with the coming on board of the two new units, which will add 600MW to the national grid.

According to the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC), the consignment is part of the first batch of 3 555 mild steel pipes, which were offloaded at the Beira port early this month while the first consignment of 30 trucks carrying the pipes to Hwange was also cleared at Forbes Border Post.

The project scope includes the construction of a new 42km, 960mm diameter pipeline from Deka High Lift pump station to Hwange Power Station; complete with independent cathodic protection, supply of spare pumps and motors, supply of spares for Deka Low Lift and High Lift pump stations, new supervisory control and data acquisition system and field instruments, refurbishment of Zinwa Water Treatment Plant in Hwange, and provision of three tap off  points for supply of raw water to the Deka community.

Haulage trucks carrying pipes and components for the Deka Pipeline Project parked in Hwange Town ready to offload the large consignment yesterday.

A Chronicle news crew yesterday observed a total of 36 haulage trucks that had arrived in Hwange Town to deliver part of the consignment while some were already on their way back from project site. Other pipes had been deposited at Hwange Zinwa Water Works.

The digging of the pipeline trench linking the Deka waterworks with the giant Hwange Thermal Power Station is already rolling while some of the pipes were seen offloaded along the pipeline pegs.

Haulage trucks carrying pipes and components for the Deka Pipeline Project parked in Hwange Town

Along the Highway towards Bulawayo the news crew also observed several trucks carrying the pipes headed for Hwange. The truck drivers who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed the consignment was headed for the Deka project.

"This is a massive tender from Government and we continue to deliver the pipes," said one of the drivers without elaborating.

Contacted for comment, Zesa general manager in charge of stakeholder relations and communication, Dr George Manyaya, said: "As part of the Deka upgrade project we continue to receive the pipes.

The power utility recently notified the public that it has started receiving various components for the Deka project, which is funded from a US$48,1 million Line of Credit (LOC) extended by the government of India to Zimbabwe.

The Deka Upgradation project officially commenced on October 1, 2021 and is expected to be completed by March 31, 2023.

"This is another achievement, which is expected to contribute immensely to the key aspirations of the National Development Strategy (NDS1) and Vision 2030, which is targeted to immensely contribute in achieving energy self-sufficiency," said ZPC.

"To date, a total of US$13.7 million has been invested in procuring local goods and services such as surveys, general civil works, inland transportation, pipe laying and jointing, and pipe hydro testing and commissioning, thus, enormously contributing towards socio-economic development."

As part of it's corporate social investment initiatives, ZPC has said it was cognisant of the need for access to water in the communities and has pledged to open several water outlets along the pipeline for the provision of this basic need.

The company has also pledged to rope in locals for job opportunities as part of Government's local empowerment strategy where the locals have been given first priority on employment.

"ZPC is committed towards energy self-sufficiency by the year 2030, and would like to thank all stakeholders for their sustained support and commitment in a bid to meet all the targets," said the power utility.

Source - The Chronicle
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