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'Oppression is oppression - Mnangagwa, Ian Smith same WhatsApp group'

by Mzingaye Nxumalo
08 Jan 2023 at 09:12hrs | Views
Former junior Member of Parliament Namatai Kwekweta (24) has likened President Ed Mnangagwa's rule to that of the late and former colonial Zimbabwean Prime Minister Ian Douglas Smith.

Kwekweta was arrested back in June 2020 for leading a Political protest against Public hearings for Constitutional Amendment No.2 Bill. In the same year, she was named to the Next Generation Foresight Prize (NGFP) Awards 2020 as the Walkabout Prize Winner on 4 August 2020.

She has since gained a large political following despite her age.

On January 5 2023, Kwekweta posted a picture on her Twitter account which juxtaposed President Emmerson Mnangagwa with the Colonial Era Prime Minister Ian Douglas Smith under the hashtag "#FreeJobSikhala".

Above the picture she wrote, "Oppression is oppression no matter who inflicts it. These man are in the same WhatsApp Group".

She went on to list three similarities that she sees in Smith and Mnangagwa:

1. They both use brutality to crush dissent.
2. They both imprisoned activists and harassed the opposition.
3. They are both on the wrong side of History.

Following the thread, some stood to say that Smith was actually better. One comment in particular reads, "At least Smith respect his own, never abused them but the other one hates his own with passion".

Another comment in agreement with Kwekweta's post reads, "We add Queen, our leaders have continued the legacy of colonizers and only worse because they do so in ways that do not have their people in mind, at least our colonial masters had their own kind in mind!"

Source - Byo24News