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Trainee pastor barred from stalking underage ex-girlfriend

by Staff reporter
28 Feb 2023 at 07:41hrs | Views
A TRAINEE pastor was last week arraigned before Harare magistrate Tamara Chibende facing allegations of disturbing the peace of his former girlfriend, a minor, with whom he has a child.

The trainee pastor is accused of following her to a school where she is now enrolled to continue with her education.

The student pastor (name withheld to protect the minor) allegedly impregnated the secondary school teenager and then disappeared for four months.

The girl's parents then took her back to school after she gave birth.The parents then took the matter to the civil court seeking a protection order for their daughter against the rookie pastor.

"I am seeking a protection order for my daughter against (the trainee pastor) who claims to be my son-in-law. I only know him as my daughter's boyfriend.

"They have a child together, but he ran away from my daughter for four months. When we decided to take our daughter back to school and to nurture our grandchild, he then returned.

"He is now staying closer to my house and is harassing my daughter threatening to kill her. He also goes to her school claiming that she is his wife. He tries to steal our grandchild," the father of the minor told the court.

He said the trainee pastor was once arrested for impregnating the minor, but was later set free.

The rookie pastor wept uncontrollably in court as he denied charges of planning to swatch the child.

"I only came to stay near my in-laws' house because it is closer to my church. I am a theology student training to be a pastor. I want to build a family with my wife, but her father often insults me and sends people to assault me," he said.

He denied ever following the girl to school saying he only asked her to meet him while on her way to school.

"I love this girl (referring to the minor) and would want to marry her. I also do not have problems with her, but I guess the one who has problems with me is my father-in-law. His daughter is the one who actually invites me to her place of study and warns me about a lot of things that his father wants to do to me," he said.

Chibende ordered the trainee pastor to stop visiting the minor and to stay away from her school.

Source - Newsday Zimbabwe
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