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Pastors urged to have armed bodyguards

by Mandla Ndlovu
16 Oct 2023 at 04:35hrs | Views
The dire necessity of providing armed protection for pastors has been tragically underscored by the events surrounding the funeral of the late Pastor Dawan Rasheed Gordon, affectionately known as Prophet Dwayne. The pastor, whose life was tragically cut short by a brutal attack, met his untimely demise when armed assailants stormed the Eagle Christian Church in Newlands, Johannesburg, just moments after he had taken the pulpit.

In the wake of this harrowing incident, it became unmistakably clear that the safety of church leaders is not to be taken for granted. The shocking attack, a portion of which was distressingly broadcast on the church's Facebook live stream, left not only Pastor Gordon lifeless but also two members of the congregation wounded.

Mourners and well-wishers gathered at Greenhills Stadium in Randfontein to bid their final farewell to Pastor Gordon. Among those in attendance were members of the Patriotic Alliance, under the leadership of party leader Gayton McKenzie.

Inside the tent, which was nearly bursting at the seams with attendees, speaker after speaker paid heartfelt tributes to Pastor Gordon's unwavering faith and the profound impact he had on everyone fortunate enough to cross his path. Revered as a humble, stylish, and dedicated 22-year-old, his commitment to his faith was so resolute that he was even prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for it.

While the occasion was meant to be a somber reflection, it often transformed into a spirited celebration, marked by song and dance. However, amidst the poignant moments, a striking sight emerged as several armed individuals, bearing rifles, maintained a vigilant presence both inside and outside the venue throughout the extended service.

During the proceedings, Gayton McKenzie, delivering the keynote address, seized the opportunity to not only eulogize Pastor Gordon and his unwavering faith but also to emphasize the pressing need for safeguarding church leaders. With impassioned conviction, McKenzie stated, "Pastor Gordon's tragic passing was not the result of a random act of robbery; it was a premeditated hit. This stark reality compels us to take action, and it compels us to ensure that our pastors are protected."

In a resounding message, McKenzie stressed the importance of pastors having armed bodyguards, underscoring the urgency of the matter with this direct quote: "If you are a man of God and can afford a bodyguard, do not hesitate to acquire one. Our spiritual leaders, in this day and age, are facing increasing threats to their safety, and it is our responsibility to shield them from harm."

Source - Byo24News/HeraldLive