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Armed robbers arrested despite paying sangoma

by Staff reporter
21 Oct 2023 at 21:01hrs | Views
Three armed robbers targeted a businessman at his residence in the Mahatshula suburb, purportedly making off with US$6,000 and P110,000, while also offering a traditional healer 1,800 pula as a gesture of gratitude.

Elvis Charapuka (38), Mlingiseli Sibanda (44), and Bhekimpilo Ncube (35) faced trial before Bulawayo regional magistrate Dambudzo Malunga. The trio entered pleas of not guilty and were granted release until October 25.

The businessman, George Kudya (42), who also serves as the managing director of Star Distributors, took the stand for cross-examination. According to his testimony, on the day in question, he arrived home prior to 7 pm. As he disembarked from his Toyota Hilux, Charapuka, Sibanda, and Ncube swiftly approached him, brandishing a firearm and physically assaulting him. They demanded money, threatening him with the weapon.

Kudya went on to explain that he succumbed to their threats and handed over US$6,000. Subsequently, the assailants proceeded to his car, seizing P110,000 before fleeing in their own vehicle.

The traditional healer, Gogo Otilia Murombedzi, attested in court that Charapuka had been a previous visitor at her home in the Cowdray Park suburb for consultations and the acquisition of good luck charms before the robbery. She also confirmed that Charapuka had given her 1,800 pula as an expression of appreciation. Nevertheless, she claimed that she could not use the money, as her ancestral spirits conveyed in a dream that the funds were tainted.

The charges against Sibanda, Ncube, and Charapuka revolve around an incident on January 7 of the same year when they allegedly accosted Kudya at his residence. According to the court proceedings, Kudya returned home just before 7 pm. As he parked his vehicle, another car pulled up behind him and parked adjacent to his car. The trio then exited their vehicle and approached Kudya, demanding money. They physically assaulted him, confiscating a small bag containing US$6,000. Subsequently, they coerced him to his car, taking P110,000.

Kudya promptly reported the incident to the police. Subsequent investigations by the police established that after robbing Kudya, Charapuka presented 1,800 pula to traditional healer Gogo Murombedzi as an act of appreciation. Concillia Ncube represented the State in the proceedings.

Source - B-Metro