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Zimbabwe betting company fails to pay winning punter

by Staff reporter
27 Oct 2023 at 18:59hrs | Views
Betting company fails to pay winning punter
Bezbets, a betting company, has allegedly failed to compensate a bettor who asserted that they had placed a bet and won over $5,000.

The unnamed complainant reported that since the previous year, they had been wagering sums exceeding $50 and experiencing wins on various occasions. According to their account, they secured a substantial win of over $5,000 in March and had been successfully withdrawing their winnings. However, Bezbets purportedly declined to release their funds as of today.

Efforts to obtain a comment from Mr. Bernard Zieve of the betting company proved unfruitful, as he declined to engage with the media.

Several bettors who reached out to The Herald alleged that Bezbets had failed to honor payouts for bets exceeding $50.

One bettor, who claimed to have won $5,400 on the day in question, asserted that Bezbets offered to pay only $1,800, which amounted to $50 per wager. They stated, "They have consistently paid me my winnings using the same bets that I previously used to place similar wagers. However, today, because I have won over $5,000, they are now refusing to pay out. They are now insisting that their rules and regulations do not allow betting stakes exceeding $50 per wager, even though I have consistently exceeded their so-called limit, and they have paid out. This appears to be a case of fraud because they have not specified a maximum stake in their terms and conditions policy. My concern is why they are unwilling to release my winnings today when they have consistently paid out my stakes before."

According to Bezbets' terms, the minimum stake per transaction is set at $2,000, with no mention of stakes in USD. As for Bezbets' payout limits, a single bet is capped at $15,000.

Source - The Herald
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