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Corrupt teachers face deregistration

by Staff reporter
03 Dec 2023 at 23:47hrs | Views
Corrupt teachers will be deregistered among a raft of reforms introduced to bring sanity to the education sector, an official from the Primary and Secondary Education ministry has said.

Speaking at the Integrity Icon Summit and Awards, the ministry's spokesperson, Taungana Ndoro, said government would introduce stiffer penalties through the Teaching Profession Council Bill targeting teachers who abuse resources for their personal benefit.

The Bill is expected to be tabled in Parliament during the current session.

"It is passing through Parliament and hopefully it will be a law such that there is no one who is going to be just a teacher who is not registered with the Teaching Profession Council.

"Teachers can also be deregistered for any corrupt activities through the Teaching Profession Council just like how they do with doctors and lawyers," Ndoro said.

Government will also, according to Ndoro, enhance its electrification programmes at rural schools as well as improve internet connectivity which will cater for the emergency corruption response.

"We are working as the whole government to ensure that those marginalised areas are able to call on our toll-free lines. So, it is a whole government approach to make sure there is connectivity and electricity," Ndoro said.

An official from the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission, Ndakaripa Hungwe, said there was a need to mitigate and end corruption which poses a threat to the country's development.

He said several organisations were diverting resources from essential services and infrastructural projects.

"Corruption poses a significant threat to our nation's progress and development, undermining democratic values, eroding public trust and diverting resources away from essential services and infrastructural projects.

"The NDS1 (National Development Strategy 1), with its focus on good governance and anti-corruption measures, provides a comprehensive framework to tackle this pervasive issue," he said.

Hungwe also encouraged organisations and the public at large to resist corruption.

"As stated in the NDS1, the public service is vital for sustainable development and economic growth. By tackling corruption head-on and aligning our efforts with the objectives outlined in NDS1, we can create a society that upholds integrity, fosters accountability, and paves the way for a prosperous Zimbabwe.

"Integrity is the moral compass that guides our actions, especially in the public service. It is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. In a world where trust is often shaken, it is crucial for the public service to uphold the highest standards of integrity," he said.

The Integrity Icon Campaign is a global initiative that celebrates individuals who embody honesty and integrity and those who play a crucial role in fighting corruption.

The event saw outstanding individuals who have excelled and shown exceptional dedication to ethical values recognised by the initiative through awards.

Source - newsday