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Thief forced to eat raw, unplucked chicken

by Staff reporter
20 Jan 2024 at 16:57hrs | Views
A MAN from Pumula suburb in Bulawayo will forever rue his love for chicken when a vigilante group in the neighbourhood forced him to eat the raw meat of the bird that he had been caught stealing.

He tore into the bird sending feathers flying as he tried to stop the mob from raining heavy blows on him.

The chicken thief is said to have blamed his actions on "January disease" — an informal expression for the beginning of the year when most people are financially broke after spending excessively during the festive season.

However, the merciless group would have none of it.

Pictures of the man biting off chunks of raw meat from the chicken, still with its feathers have been doing rounds on social media.

Witnesses reported that the young man, whose identity remains undisclosed, was spotted attempting to make a hasty exit from the targeted house, clutching the stolen broiler chicken in his hands.

His luck ran out when he was spotted with his loot and chased by members of the community.

The vigilante group meted instant justice on the alleged thief before he was forced to eat the live chicken.

Fearing another round of thorough beating, the hapless thief made an undesirable meal of the stolen chicken in full view of onlookers while cellphone cameras recorded the unfolding drama.

Amid the chaotic scene, some residents shared their perspectives on the matter.

They told B-Metro that the thief's face told a story of horror and disgust as he chomped on the chicken.

"With blood dripping from the corner of his lips, he would occasionally cough out a feather or two as he screwed up his face like someone swallowing the bitterest gall. The beatings, somehow, were worse for him as he ate the obviously unpalatable meal to stop them. I think he will never eat chicken or white meat again, for as long as he lives," remarked a resident.

A woman who preferred to remain anonymous, remarked, "This is not just about the stolen chicken; it's about sending a message. We want to deter others from engaging in such acts. If we let him off lightly, others may be encouraged to follow suit."

Another resident commented: "We know January is an economically challenging month but that does not justify theft."

Beaten and humiliated, the mob eventually released the thief to go wherever he had come from and reflect on the error of his ways.

"He probably threw up the whole meal," quipped a resident.

Source - bmetro
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