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Mliswa agrees with his daughter's arrest

by Staff reporter
28 Feb 2024 at 17:07hrs | Views
Former Norton independent MP Temba Mliswa says he has let her daughter arrested on drug charges face the music and the full wrath of the law.

He says he is treating his own daughter sternly to help her in the long run.

According to a widely circulated police memo, Mliswa's daughter M'Diwa Mliswa Chanetsa (20), was found with "methylenedioxymethamphetamine weighing approximately 1.30 grammes with a street value of ZWL$195 000 00."

Crystal meth or mutoriro is one of the many cheap drugs that a decimating a whole generation of youths in Zimbabwe which has high levels of unemployment, poverty and suffering.

Substance abuse is rife in the country, especially among the urban youths.

During his tenure as MP, Mliswa ran a determined and systematic anti-drug abuse campaign.

He says drug abuse is destroying youths, including his daughter who he described as a  "a brilliant kid".

He wants stiffer penalties for drug abuse offences, including those committed by politicians.

"Being an advocate against drug abuse and a parent again it could be a frustrating time. However, I reiterate my position that drugs are bad and we have to fight them. If it requires arresting culprits then so be it as it may be one way to save them from themselves," he said.

Source - newshawks