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Children terrorised by invisible creatures

by Staff reporter
02 Mar 2024 at 15:04hrs | Views
THE way your skin crawled after watching goosefleshers like The Conjuring , Gothika and The Ring, will pale into insignificance when you read through this living nightmare for three children from Magwegwe North in Bulawayo.

A series of unsettling occurrences and relentless torment from unseen and mischievous creatures, suspected to be goblins has turned the children's lives topsy turvy.

So chilling are reports of supernatural harassment, that objects mysteriously disappear in the house, unexplained noises echo through the walls, and even physical assaults from unseen forces have been reported.

Windows and doors are also reportedly opening and closing on their own, lights flickering, sounds of unseen activity, and even the disappearance of food while cooking.

The three children aged 13, 12 and eight are staying with their elderly grandparents.

Narrating the ordeal, a family member who wished to remain anonymous spoke of their desperation for help.

"We don't know what to do anymore. It started last November. One morning, our children woke up with their heads shaved. We thought it was a one-time thing.

"The next day, our youngest child woke up in the middle of the night, screaming. He had been stabbed in the leg with a knife! He also woke up with his head shaved again. We were all terrified and completely clueless about what was happening," said the family member, in a voice trembling with fear.

From then on, narrated the family member, the paranormal torment escalated.  

Windows and doors would open and slam shut on their own, lights turning on and off, pots and food disappearing while cooking, and hearing sounds of someone cooking in the kitchen even when no one was there.

"We sought help from different prophets and churches, but the situation only worsened after each attempt. Doors and windows would come open inexplicably, our children's clothes, especially their uniforms, would be torn, and they could no longer attend school.

"We hired a spiritual healer for a cleansing ceremony. The following day, the house mysteriously burned down, but only the bedrooms were affected. Everything in the kitchen and dining room was untouched," said the family member.

Desperate for a solution, they sent the children to South Africa to stay with their maternal grandmother but the uncanny events followed them there and resumed within three days of their arrival there.

While in South Africa, the family reported that the children were again being beaten, and unseen dark forces were causing destruction within their temporary refuge.

 Food was tampered with, windows were broken, clothes were scattered around, and money mysteriously vanished from the house.

The children were later brought back to Zimbabwe.

"We tried to protect the children by making them sleep at a neighbour's house, but the disturbances followed them there too. Last night (Tuesday), the neighbour's room was trashed again, and they were soaked with water. We are at a loss.

"The children are suffering the most, and there is no peace in our lives. Everyone is afraid of us, and we don't know where to turn. We are pleading for any help we can get," said the family member.

The children's grandmother, Mayinesi Chongwe, tearfully revealed that the community was now labelling her a witch.

"At 80 years old, I've never practiced witchcraft or used any charms. I'm a Christian. Some neighbours accuse me of witchcraft, believing I'm behind these misfortunes.

"This makes getting help difficult. When a fire broke out, neighbours watched instead of helping, fuelled by these suspicions," said a teary Chongwe.

As the B-Metro crew was leaving the house, a strange brick from the house flew through the air and shattered a window.

A neighbour, Ruramai Dliwayo, believes the metaphysical creatures are intent on harming the three children.

"The children were sleeping in my living room when a teapot and cups from the display cabinet were mysteriously moved and used to hit the children throughout the night," she explained.

"My grandchild, who was sleeping nearby, ran away in fear and slept inside the wardrobe. I am convinced these unseen forces have one goal: to kill the children. I fear they may die while under my care,' she said.

One of the victims, a 13-year-old girl whose identity is being protected, revealed that the alleged preternatural activity has made her life unbearable as she is too scared to attend school for fear of being stripped naked.

"I'm afraid of going to school because whenever I get ready, I find my uniform torn or missing.

"It's become impossible for me to attend classes because all my uniforms are damaged and I have nothing to wear.

"We sometimes get slapped or hit by stones that seem to appear out of nowhere, making our lives a living nightmare," she said.

Those wishing to offer assistance can contact the family at +263783994298.

Source - BMetro

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