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Chivayo begs Mukanya to accept his gifts

by Staff reporter
25 Mar 2024 at 18:47hrs | Views
Wickell Chivayo strongly criticized journalist Hopewell Chin'ono in response to his remarks following musician Thomas Mapfumo's refusal of a contentious businessperson's car and home gifts.

In an interview with Nehanda Radio last Monday, Mapfumo emphatically refuted allegations that he had accepted an alluring offer from Chivayo, asserting, "I'm not the kind of person to be swayed by bribes."

Mapfumo expressed surprise at receiving a phone call from Chivayo just before retiring for the night the previous.

Chin'ono observed that Mapfumo's refusal of Chivayo's gifts demonstrated his unwavering principles.

Chin'ono's comments, however, did not go down well with Chivayo, who described him as a "half-witted and failed pseudo-journalist". Chivayo posted on social media:

SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT…..I normally prefer not to respond to comments, especially from a HALF-WITTED and FAILED pseudo journalist like Hopewell, but let me spare some time during my busy schedule in the USA to address this issue concerning our CHIMURENGA music icon, Thomas "Mukanya" Mapfumo.

It's an OPEN SECRET that I offered Mukanya a small token of US$700,000 in recognition of his REMARKABLE contribution during the liberation struggle.

His music was an inspiration to the SECOND CHIMURENGA which ushered political and economic independence that we all celebrate today.

In good faith, I offered to buy him a fully furnished house of his choice in the low-density suburbs of Harare, a brand new 2024 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER VXR or equivalent worth 200 thousand dollars and US$100,000 pocket money to make his twilight retirement in Zimbabwe more comfortable as an 81-year-old celebrated music icon.

Chivayo said Mapfumo is living in poverty in the United States of America and that he desires the Chimurenga maestro to return home and enjoy his retirement. He said:

My gesture was not on account of any political consideration but an olive branch being extended to an aged man who has been living in abjection and self-imposed exile from a country whose independence he contributed towards.

It is highly REGRETTABLE that opportunistic and rent-seeking POLITICAL STOOGES like Hopewell thrive on peddling FALSEHOODS that my generosity is an attempt to ‘bribe' Mukanya. What a SHAME!

He also mocked Chin'ono over his arrest in June 2020 on allegations of incitement to public violence. Said Chivayo:

No HOPE comes from a bitter person who languished in remand PRISON alone after being deserted by the so-called opposition. I remember on TV I could see the cold sores all over his face dripping puss during his incarceration 😂😂🙆‍♂️.

Chakanzwa buttercup uko kunoda vane mapepa akachena chete…They only posted "FREE HOPEWELL" with the hope of getting some more followers on social media.

Very sad and his concubines and his family must have suffered in his absence…Quite a HOPELESS group with no political philosophy, identity or direction!

These opposition sympathisers and "SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVISTS" thrive on DECEPTION and have nothing but BITTERNESS towards young successful businessmen like myself because their FALLACY of being in power never materialized.

Chivayo also made fun of Job Sikhala, who was also arrested for inciting public violence in June 2022 following the murder of Moreblessing Ali in Nyatsime. He said:

The same is true with Job Sikhala who wallowed in solitary confinement whilst ana HOPEWERO drank donated whiskey and spent the few pounds begged from their Western handlers.

Dumbu rakazopera JOBHO asara ega mujeri with no HOPE, no respected lawyer to represent him, no money – only time to practice Mandela's voice. That's CCC for you, unokwidzwa ndege yemashanga asi unodonha wega. Do not be misguided Mukanya.

Chivayo pleaded with Mapfumo to accept his gifts, saying the offer would be "life changing for him", warning him against being "deceived" by "hopeless online sycophants". He said:

Whether MUKANYA accepts my offer or not does not change my handsome bank balance or will it deter my PHILANTHROPIC work? ITS HIS LOSS…Munongoramba muri BUTSU MUTHANDARIKA muri ikoko ku America…You must never be deceived by these hopeless online sycophants that rejecting this LIFE-CHANGING offer will make you an overnight hero.

He, however, criticised Mukanya for saying the likes of Jah Prayzah and Alick Macheso accepted car gifts because they were poor. Said Chivayo:

I also find Mukanya's description and comments of fellow musicians Jah Prayzer and Macheso as ‘poor' to be DISGRACEFUL, especially considering his destitution in a foreign land.

The last time he was in Zimbabwe he had nowhere to stay and eventually slept in Phillip Chiyangwa's garage 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🤦‍♂️… This should make everyone understand the GOLDEN opportunity for Mukanya to be a homeowner and retire HONOURABLY.

I come in PEACE, with the genuine intention to assist and uplift the heroes still living amongst us. There is NO political mileage to be gained from this gesture just as i have done since joining my wonderful church in 2008, i've spent huge amounts of money whole heartedly buying my fellow JOHANNE MASOWE followers houses, cars and paying for their children's university fees local and overseas amongst other things.

Looking in retrospect in the same way i donated US$1 Million to ZIFA in 2016 and just like i paid air tickets and assisted in the repatriation of Zimbabwean girls who had been trafficked to Kuwait, I have now extended my benevolence to MUKANYA for no political reason, but just out of kindness and compassion.

Assisting the less privileged is my calling which i will always answer to. The inference that my generosity is motivated by any other reason is DELUSIONAL and ILL-CONCEIVED in epic proportions.

My offer still stands Mukanya, make the right choice. Come and enjoy the fruits of your selfless sacrifice and we will certainly welcome you with OPEN ARMS.

Come back home and join the REVOLUTIONARY PARTY which you tirelessly supported in hard times.

Source - pindulo
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