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Mambo Dhuterere, wife scam church

by Paul Ndou in South Africa
31 Mar 2024 at 16:07hrs | Views
The Dare Guru frontman, Darlington Mutseta (popularly known as Mambo Dhuterere) and his wife have been facing numerous threats of imminent arrests following their alleged failure to either allocate residential stands or refund several members of their church where they duped large sums of money ranging from us$600 to us$3000 since the year 2023.

In some documented information gleaned by this publication and several WhatsApp messages (chats), where some members of their church, Saint John Apostolic Church of the Whole World, have tirelessly requested for refunds of their monies collected by the gospel couple remains unfulfilled covenant.

"Please tidzosereyiwo mari dzedu dzose dzamakatora patakakutumirayi nekuti zvatakawirirana hazvisirizvo zviri paground (May you kindly refund and return all the monies that we have been paying you all along in anticipation for residential stands because you have failed to deliver and fulfill on your promise)," reads one of the affidavits by Dhuterere's victim.

"You promised us that the area had tarred roads which is work in progress, stands size range from 600 to 1000 square meters, you legally own the said piece of land, have proper documentation of the said area and would allocate the stands upon payment of initial deposit; which we observed were absolute lies," reads part of the victims claims.

"Some of our fellow congregants from South Africa have tipped us that upon visiting the area, there is nothing existing on the ground according to your claims. There size of the stands are too small with the largest measuring 200 square meters," reads the document.

"Others who visited the area reliably informed us that there are no marked or tarred roads in the area, there is no evidence that the area is earmarked for residential purposes and that the Manyame Rural District Council gave you mandate to dispose the said piece of land," reads part of the victims document.

"We kindly refer you to pay back our monies or else we sue you using legal means or report you to the police," the document reads.

Mambo Dhuterere and wife reportedly got the piece of land as a token of appreciation for their jingles during the campaigning period from some Zanu-Pf leaders (names supplied) during the run up to the 2023 plebiscite.

It is from that piece of land that Mambo Dhuterere and wife botched some members of their church after lying to them that the said piece of land has been subdivided into residential stands units where they are also intending to build an orphanage school in the area. Some victims who were scammed by Mambo Dhuterere and wife using the same method observed that the land in question lacks proper documentation, leading to them raising alarm amongst fellow congregants who have already been duped after making either full payments, deposits or installments.

Of late, Dhuterere has confirmed that he had benefited a lot from Zanu-Pf following the use of his songs as electoral jingles to drum up support during last year's hotly contested general elections.

Some commentators have linked Dhuterere's claim that he was suffering from depression [and attributed it] to unbearable pressure from fellow congregants whom he duped large sums of money together with his wife as an accomplice.

Some fellow congregants who had fallen victims to the land botch have been giving Dhuterere and his wife sleepless nights demanding refunds for their land deal which has flopped.

Efforts to get response from Mambo Dhuterere's wife were fruitless as she was not responding to WhatsApp messages send to her mobile phone.

The Manyame Rural District Council gave warning to all unsuspecting land seekers and prospective homeowners against buying or paying money to land barons who have become a menace in areas within its mandate.

Source - Byo24News