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'Zimbabwe needs spiritual healing'

by Staff reporter
11 Jun 2024 at 00:54hrs | Views
Dr. Gwinyai Muzorewa, president of the United African National Council (UANC), emphasized the need for spiritual healing in Zimbabwe and called for the involvement of spirit mediums and church leaders. Speaking in Bulawayo, Dr. Muzorewa, a theological professor, noted that the country's challenges stem from the failure of freedom fighters to consult spirit mediums during the liberation struggle.

He stressed the importance of addressing spiritual issues that have been overlooked, emphasizing that the nation's peace and unity are contingent upon performing necessary spiritual protocols. Dr. Muzorewa urged the nation to consider and act on the matter of spiritual national healing, suggesting that consultations with Masvikiros, spiritual leaders, are essential.

Furthermore, Dr. Muzorewa encouraged chiefs to provide guidance to the government on traditional and cultural matters, highlighting the spiritual aspect of Zimbabwean culture. He called on chiefs not to hesitate in approaching the government with solutions for cultural issues, as they are the custodians of Zimbabwean culture.

Regarding the church's role, Dr. Muzorewa urged support for acts of thanksgiving for victory over colonial powers and emphasized the church's responsibility in both spiritual and physical national healing and reconciliation. He underscored President Mnangagwa's regard for the church as a key agent of peace, morality, and humanity.

Source - The Chronicle