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Mudenda blocks Mnangagwa diplomatic gaffe debate

by Staff reporter
12 Jun 2024 at 06:52hrs | Views
The Zimbabwean Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda, prevented opposition CCC MP Gladys Hlatywayo from addressing a significant diplomatic incident involving President Emmerson Mnangagwa during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Mnangagwa's comments, which described neighboring Zambia and Malawi as American client states, have exacerbated tensions with these countries, especially amidst ongoing disputes over Zimbabwe's controversial elections last August.

Hlatywayo attempted to raise the issue in parliament on a "point of national interest," emphasizing the importance of avoiding statements that could destabilize relations with neighboring countries, particularly as Zimbabwe prepares to assume the role of SADC chair. However, Mudenda, a Zanu PF official, interrupted and redirected the discussion, asserting that foreign affairs are solely the domain of the executive branch.

Despite Mudenda's assertion, the constitution mandates that the executive, including the President, is accountable to parliament. This accountability is crucial for democratic oversight and the proper functioning of Zimbabwe's government, which relies on the separation of powers among the executive, legislature, and judiciary.

Mudenda has a history of actions that undermine parliamentary scrutiny of the executive, favoring the ruling party and its interests. This includes aiding the pro-Zanu PF faction within the CCC and obstructing efforts by opposition MPs to address issues in parliament. His actions reflect a broader pattern of protecting the executive from accountability, contrary to the principles of Zimbabwe's constitutional democracy.

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