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UNMASKED: Philippe Van Damme's gross exaggerations on Zimbabwe's hunger situation

by Tonderai Ndoro
12 Jun 2024 at 07:36hrs | Views
Phillipe Van Damme, a former European Delegation country representative to Zimbabwe, has once again demonstrated his propensity for spreading misinformation.
His recent claim on social media that Zimbabweans are dying due to hunger caused by the El Nino-induced drought is not only misguided but also unfounded, lacking any supporting statistics or evidence.

It is astonishing that Van Damme, who does not reside in Zimbabwe, would make such a claim without bothering to verify the facts on the ground. His assertion is a prime example of misinformation and a gross exaggeration, aimed at perpetuating a negative narrative about Zimbabwe's situation.

In stark contrast, the Government of Zimbabwe, led by President E.D. Mnangagwa, has been proactive in addressing the drought situation. On April 3, 2024, President Mnangagwa declared a national disaster, mobilizing international support and food aid to mitigate the effects of the drought. This move demonstrates the government's commitment to ensuring the well-being of its citizens.

The facts on the ground contradict Van Damme's claims. The government has already distributed food aid to vulnerable communities, reaching 247,576 people with 2,722.46 metric tonnes of grain.

Additionally, irrigation schemes have been set up in rural communities to combat hunger, and grain is being imported to ensure food security.

It is important to note that even during the severest drought in recent history, which occurred in 1992, there were no reported deaths attributed to hunger. The government at the time ensured that food aid was widely available to all citizens across the country, a precedent that is being followed today.

Van Damme's baseless claims should be dismissed with contempt, and people should not be swayed by his misleading narrative. His assertion is a gross exaggeration, lacking factual evidence and credibility.

Under President Mnangagwa's leadership, the government is proactively working to combat hunger, ensuring that no one will succumb to it. His administration's efforts demonstrate a commitment to citizens' well-being, and Van Damme's claims only serve to undermine these efforts.

Source - Byo24News